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Extra events might draw more fans to Indianapolis Motor Speedway

...accomplishment. The guys who haven't won it dream of standing on those bricks."Just how many people are there to see it in person remains a work in progress.This story submitted from Coble, Don using email address
Wild-card hopefuls happy to be at tough Atlanta Motor Speedway for a number of reasons, but, right now, this is the type of track we need," he said. "We need a place where you can hang the car out."And win.This story submitted from Coble, Don using email address
Brad Keselowski had right attitude

...did with Mark and obviously that's what Brad has been able to do for our team."As well as bringing Penske his first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship.This story submitted from Coble, Don using email address
Harvick turns to Kenseth to prepare for season in flux

...managed a seventh-place finish in the Chase."I could tell everybody was getting real close to being at each other's throats," he said. "I just wanted to leave that thing as good as I can."Reach Don Coble at
Matt Kenseth adjusts to his new team

...first time, in as long as I can remember."It's always exciting and you're a little anxious when you go do something different. It's been fun so far."This story submitted from Coble, Don using email address
NASCAR alters points system

...and interesting for both long-time fans and new followers of the sport," Clark said.Reach Don Coble at"The fans have been clear: They want us to concentrate on winning." -- NASCAR Chairman Brian France
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Earnhardt's marketing machine continues to dominate sport

...drives the racing souvenir industry."He always wanted it to be about Dale Earnhardt on the track and Dale Earnhardt off the track," he said. "That was true then; it's still true now."Reach Don Coble at
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'What if?' remains lingering question

...wasn't made up. It just happened."Dale was just one of those kind of guys that it worked really well for him to have a rival. He had several throughout his career, and he thrived on it."Reach Don Coble at
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McMurray enjoys emotional ride want to answer the questions; you want to be sincere. You want everyone to know how much you appreciate it, but no grown man wants to sit in front of 50 people and break down and cry."Reach Don Coble at
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Walking on cloud nine

...good job of representing the sport in whatever he does this week. He's a guy that has a ton of enthusiasm. He'll walk right up to you, stick his hand out, just seems like a really good guy."Reach Don Coble at
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