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Trouble looming ahead?

I am very afraid that a confrontation is developing that will bring dire consequences. I hope it can be avoided.
They're busy shoveling

Mr. Reilly should wake up and smell the roses.
Katrina 'victims' failed themselves

...victims anything. They should take responsibility for their actions, and their lives, and do for themselves. This country could save a lot of money also by stopping all welfare to everyone who is not elderly or infirm. Don Turner, Grovetown
Scrap socialist government handouts

...that, if that is your mentality, then we don't need your genes in the gene pool. Politicians had better start realizing that taxpayers are getting a belly full of their spending our money on socialist programs. Don Turner, Grovetown
The U.S. needs to get out of U.N. and go its own way for our citizens and if our leaders feel we need to kick Iraq's backside, then be damned with what anyone else thinks. If they don't like it, then get in line to get their behinds kicked too! Don Turner, Grovetown, Ga.
Eva Huff Turner Rigdon (WARRENVILLE, S.C.)

...the daughter of the late John Samuel Huff and the late Corrie Leach Barton. She is survived by daughters; Crystal (Don) Turner Boyd of Jackson and Angela (Paul) Turner Kneece of Warrenville; brothers, James (Sarah) Huff and Johnnie Huff...
Another civil war likely?

I honestly hope that things get better before it is too late.
Rants & Raves

...people, including politicians, who destroyed the agency in 2½ months. Seventeen people lost their jobs. A RANT FOR DON Turner for his letter to the editor. "We the people of the United States ..." means every citizen of the United States...
Line crew comes through

As a GPC retiree, I say thanks.
Scott Dean was railroaded

This is a terrible injustice. Columbia County should be ashamed - and I live here.