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Another civil war likely?

I honestly hope that things get better before it is too late.
Line crew comes through

As a GPC retiree, I say thanks.
Obamacare makes it worse

This man has done more to destroy the work ethic and the freedoms of this country than anyone ever in this country's history.
Rants & Raves

...people, including politicians, who destroyed the agency in 2½ months. Seventeen people lost their jobs. A RANT FOR DON Turner for his letter to the editor. "We the people of the United States ..." means every citizen of the United States...
Is this really King's dream?

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. had no dream - he had a nightmare!
Want to secede? Feel free to be deported instead are glad to help because that's what we're taught as youngsters.Then there's people such as letter writer Don Turner ("No leeches allowed," Dec. 2), who apparently believes only people like him deserve any compassion at all.Mr...
Now reverse the situation

If the conservative working people of this country do not get up and vote these liberal socialists out of office, then they are responsible.
Scott Dean was railroaded

This is a terrible injustice. Columbia County should be ashamed - and I live here.
No leeches allowed

Any elected official who votes for any tax increases without substantial reductions in welfare programs needs to go.
How did Rangel wriggle off this hook?

There is something very wrong with this picture. Why are the IRS and the Justice Department not pursuing charges against Rangel?