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Gun letter needs add-ons

I would like to add just a couple of points to Ted Thomas' suggestions.
They're busy shoveling

Mr. Reilly should wake up and smell the roses.
Trouble looming ahead?

I am very afraid that a confrontation is developing that will bring dire consequences. I hope it can be avoided.
Line crew comes through

As a GPC retiree, I say thanks.
Another civil war likely?

I honestly hope that things get better before it is too late.
Want to secede? Feel free to be deported instead are glad to help because that's what we're taught as youngsters.Then there's people such as letter writer Don Turner ("No leeches allowed," Dec. 2), who apparently believes only people like him deserve any compassion at all.Mr...
Fire damages two houses in Martinez

...has lived in the subdivision with her husband for four years."There's so much sadness in my heart," she said.Don Turner, a Wymberly resident of seven years, said he's never seen or heard of a fire in the community before Saturday. Turner...
Existing gun laws are fine

If the courts would start punishing murderers with mandatory death sentences and carrying them out, this type of useless killing would drop drastically.
Rants & Raves

...Blythe City Hall for making me move my camper. I'm homeless and both my father and mother have passed on. AMEN TO Don Turner about his letter to the editor. WHAT A MEMORIAL to Truemaine Jones on the front page of The Augusta Chronicle. I need...
Obama has been destructive

If the people of America re-elect Obama, you can kiss this country goodbye.