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Don Gonella

MARTINEZ, Ga. - Dr. Don F. Gonella, age 75, of Martinez, entered into rest on Wednesday, September 16, 2015, at his residence. Dr. Gonella was a retired Professor...
Criticism of Colin Powell unwarranted

...Commissioners Marion Williams and Lee Beard when they play the race card regarding the indictment of Kester Uzochukwu, president of CSRA Waste. How sad that Mr. Murphy's letter should fuel such suspicions. Don F. Gonella, Martinez, Ga.
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Charges cleric with veiled racism that, like the Pharisees, one may know Scripture backward and forward and still not be imbued with the Holy Spirit. I cannot blame DFACS for being concerned about any child raised in such an atmosphere. Don F. Gonella, Martinez
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Defends science by citing old `heresies'

...Scoop" Jackson, D-Wash., who once lamented that one doesn't really need to be a fool to be a Democrat. Just substitute the word "Christian." Please, Lord Jesus, save us from your followers! Don F. Gonella, Ph.D., Martinez
Property transfers

...Hicks to Innocent Alceus, Lot 18, Block B, Ranch Estates, $144,000 Allen L. Collier Enterprise Inc. to Don F. Gonella, Lot, on the southeast side of Twiggs Street, $136,000 William K. Rogers III to William K. Rogers IV, 5 acres...
Estate tax repeal foe is wrong

...succeed. Repealing the inheritance tax is a step back from that ideal." It appears Mr. Reilly's ideal is a classless society, a la Karl Marx. We're indebted to Mr. Reilly for explaining the liberal agenda. Don F. Gonella, Martinez
Liberals demonize conservative foes

...his parents were divorced. Maybe he was with his biological family all along. I have not heard any calls for DNA testing. Could this actually be conservative compassion? Nah. After all, we're not human. Don F. Gonella, Martinez
Defends criticism of Mars venture

...Bible-based Oct. 18 letter, which criticized NASA's $260 million Mars venture as a waste of money, letter writers Dr. Don F. Gonella (Nov. 3) and Rick Nowak (Oct. 28) have attacked him as if he were a hater of science, and believer in a flat...
Says tests reveal educational inequality

...inequality in this country, which we think needs to be remedied." For those who would like to know more about educational inequality in America, I recommend the book Savage Inequality by Jonathan Kozol. Don F. Gonella, Ph.D.Martinez
Offers solutions to lock-and dam-problem

...course, that's only if Sen. Charles Walker's program for educational equity would still allow communities to supplement their school budgets, and then destroy the mandatory equality he proposes.) Don F. Gonella, Ph.D., Martinez
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