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Wildfire threat prompts south Ga. firework ban

...Candice Temple, county spokeswoman.Brunswick hasn't gotten any such requests, but it won't be granting them if it does, Mayor Bryan Thompson said.Glynn and Brunswick officials stopped short of banning fireworks, but are "strongly urging...
The protest to nowhere

...Plant Vogtle is about to become the site of the nation's first new commercial nuclear reactors in decades.So, what does Mayor Deke Copenhaver think of two Augusta commissioners' planned involvement in a May 14 rally at the courthouse to protest...
Rants & Raves

...not had their raves for gay pride published. Perhaps we were just not nasty and hate-filled enough in our comments.Does Mayor Deke even know that there is an entire part of Augusta south of Wrightsboro Road? Does he even care?Headline says...
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Across the Southeast

...passes anti-sag ordinance DELCAMBRE, LA. - Overly saggy britches are obscene, the Delcambre Town Council says. So does Mayor Carol Broussard, who said he will sign an anti-sag ordinance passed unanimously earlier this week. The new indecent...
Boycott Augusta over the flag flap

...determined to destroy all monuments, symbols or anything else the Confederate-American community takes pride in. Does Mayor Young not realize that if it had not been for the Confederate flag and the courageous patriots fighting under it, Sherman...
Rants and Raves

...or do you owe the man, that made you intervene on his behalf, a sex offender? You have shown your true colors. WHY DOES MAYOR Bob Young blame the trains for Augusta's stagnation? There are certainly no trains at Regency Mall. I SEE THAT Lee...
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