Vikings bring back Adrian Peterson

...his father used on him as a boy, is expected to play against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday."We are trying to do the right thing," Vikings general manager Rick Spielman said. "This is a difficult path to navigate regarding the judgment of...

Officials seize more than 1,200 illegal giant snails

...USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. "If they didn't know and they are reaching out to us to do the right thing, there will be absolutely no penalties for that."It is legal to import frozen giant African snails for consumption...

Another broken law

...When it came to the disposition of Guantanamo prisoners, Congress realized in 2013 it couldn't trust Obama to do the right thing. This year, he proved them right.

Scott Michaux: Thomson should follow Lincoln County's lead and honor Luther Welsh

...after him," Barnett said.But that's what makes the recognition so worthy. It's not too late for Thomson to do the right thing even if Welsh isn't there to share the celebration."It won't mean as much to him because he's dead," Campbell...

Troxler ready for challenge at Greenbrier

...what Greenbrier does, to say I told you so," Troxler said. "But I'm a positive person. I truly believe if we do the right things, if we work hard, we'll be successful."Troxler didn't leave because of a lack of faith in or happiness with...

Net losses?

Large corporations can't always be trusted to do the right thing. But neither can governments.So when either considers tinkering with the Internet ? our most pervasive information source and...

Teenager Erik Jones is showing his talent

Erik Jones has discovered that driving the No. 51 truck isn't nearly as easy as Kyle Busch makes it look.

Manny Ramirez hoping to show positive side in mentoring role

...will be to work with the Cubs' most promising prospects ? and he's already got some simple advice for them."Do the right thing, bro. Follow the rules. That's it," Ramirez said Monday.That was often a problem for Ramirez when he was...

Faith in God heals psychological wounds, too

...splinter in my hand that became infected and festered into a painful sore.I had a sense of obligation to always do the right thing and be good. I wanted to look good to my peers, supervisors and those I related to. I wanted to be good. I guess...

Agencies at SRS are reaching the summit of nuclear waste cleanup

...I have found that comparing our work to scaling a mountain is appropriate. You start and end with safety; you do the right things along the way; and you continue to conduct your work with excellence and agility. OUR EMPLOYEES are making outstanding...