Hunter Mahan comes up with timely victory at Barclays

...wanted one more picture with David Finn, his biggest fan and a popular figure in these parts. Finn is in a wheelchair with a disorder affecting his limbs and leaving him unable to speak.Mahan got up to leave, picked up the trophy by its top and the bottom...


...the U.S Open, not for himself, but for his friend Mardy Fish.Roddick and Fish, who has been suffering from an anxiety disorder, had sought to enter this year's doubles field with a wild card.They were denied because Roddick, who has been retired...

GRU neuroscientist uses grant in study of zebrafish in attempt at human brain mapping

...dysfunction, he said. There is a growing consensus that neurological disorders like autism might be caused by "more subtle rewiring of neural circuits...understand what is altered in neural development or neuropsychiatric disorders."

Comedian Williams was in early stages of Parkinson's disease, wife says

...challenge.Parkinson's disease is an incurable nervous system disorder that involves a loss of brain cells controlling movement...Simuni, director of the Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center at Northwestern University's medical school in Chicago...

PTSD can lead to heart disease

Post-traumatic stress disorder can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and it is not just combat veterans at risk, doctors said Monday.Dr. Steven...

Laughing and crying

...longer found anything funny.Maybe the brilliant dramatic actor finally succumbed to the crippling depression and bipolar disorder that drove him to bouts of drug and alcohol abuse.Much of the world is sad that Williams left us. But we should be happy...

People with autism find purpose, income and joy by starting their own small businesses

...were the subject of the film The King's Speech.Cottle is one of a few known small business owners with autism, a brain disorder that affects a person's ability to comprehend, communicate and interact socially. There are varying degrees of autism...

Sid Mullis: As fall approaches, several insect problems come with it

...irrigation water. Another problem with the fruit may be uneven ripening (also referred to as graywall, tomato yellow shoulder disorder, and internal browning). What happens here is parts of the fruit, normal on top, fails to ripen with the rest of the fruit...

Comedian Robin Williams' death shows 'anybody can become suicidal,' mental health expert says

...risk of suicide is much higher for someone with a substance-abuse problem, "especially with a co-occurring psychiatric disorder."Mental health consumer advocates in Georgia said Tuesday that they were shocked by Williams' death."It shows you how...

Marijuana drug at GRU works differently

...state of Georgia have worked for months to land a marijuana-derived drug clinical trial for children with difficult seizure disorders. How the drug actually works to limit seizures is still being worked out.Gov. Nathan Deal announced last week that GRU...