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Did NSA plant spyware in computers around world? that comes pre-installed on a computer's disk drive, known as firmware. Once there, it was difficult to...normally a closely guarded secret.The report named several disk drive manufacturers whose products were compromised, including...
From bananas to phones: How cheaper yuan could reverberate

...Sathirathai and Michael Wan said in a report. They note, for example, that Thailand's loss in market share of hard disk drive production to China over recent years could accelerate if the currency trends continue. At the same time, the southeast...
Dead floppy drive: Kenya recycles global e-waste

...old cables like bales of multi-colored hay.Stacks of dingy gray computer towers - some with now-ancient floppy disk drives - cover much of one wall. The cornerstone is a cardboard box labeled "PCs for Africa."The amount of electronic...
Show mom you love her by giving her some tech support

...tablet, one laptop and one all-in-one, which is a computer where the crucial components (CPU, optical drive, hard disk drive, RAM) are all built in to the housing of the display. ASUS VIVOTAB NOTE 8 ($299, WINDOWS 8): Your mom is probably...
Audit finds CDC misplaced $8 million in equipment

...auditors checked on 200 randomly sampled items and found 15 were lost or not inventoried, including a $1.8 million hard disk drive and a $978,000 video conferencing system.CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden wrote the inspector general that the CDC...
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Techbits: Smart cars, high-capacity drives and more

...made its "Microdrives" with a maximum capacity of 4 GB. Seagate introduced its first line of 1-inch-diameter disk drives last fall in 2.5 GB and 5 GB flavors. Its market entry helped spark a crop of iPod rivals. Taking advantage of the...
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USC breaks ground on research campus

...chemical reaction that produces electricity, heat and water vapor. Nanotechnology, the science of engineering materials at the atomic level, can be used to produce better silicon chips, gigabyte disk drives, medical devices and fabrics.
Digital video makes inroads with cops

...said he enjoys the system's convenience and ease of use. When he starts his daily patrols, he takes a black metal disk drive about the size of a slice of bread and plugs it into a machine anchored to the floorboard of his cruiser. At the end...
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Seagate to enter booming market for small hard drives

...computers, plans to unveil Monday its first line of 1-inch disk drives in capacities of 2.5 gigabytes and 5 gigabytes. The...Technologies was the only major supplier of 1-inch disk drives. But the company couldn't keep up with demand for...
Experiments show theoretical speed limit to computer data storage

...Theoretical Physics in Moscow and engineers at disk-drive maker Seagate Technologies LLC. The...packaging linear accelerators into hard disk drives, so the kinds of speeds achieved in...anything we're contemplating in hard disk drives."
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