Research worth time when seeking doctor

...Committee for Quality Assurance publishes online directories of doctors recognized for providing high-quality care for certain diseases or who are affiliated with "patient-centered medical homes," practices it recognizes as meeting certain requirements for...

Check doctors' vitals, before they check yours

...doctor's team ? supports safe and effective care: Are patient outcomes tracked? Do they check on patients with chronic diseases between visits? Does the person taking after-hours calls know what medications you take?"We tend to think, 'Oh our...

Society's values decaying

...assumptions, not science!Without moral law, sexual freedom has swept our nation, and with it, the transmission of sexual diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated recently that there are 35 million people globally living with the...

Rio's polluted bay is under fire by sailors

...recommendations, although a physician contacted by AP said all sailors should be vaccinated for hepatitis A. Other waterborne diseases like diarrhea and gastroenteritis can be picked up in dirty water.Fox said many sailors were more worried about floating...

Enough to make you sick

...bringing with them a host of seldom-seen communicable diseases ? diseases that would bar legal immigrants from entry.But instead...verbal and visual inspections, which can miss the diseases that do not turn up from physical appearance.How...

Rants & Raves

...has to be the health danger. Border patrol agents have caught diseases. To think that American kids will be going to school and exposed to not just lies but also tropical diseases. I can understand how those mothers in California are feeling...

Rants & Raves

...HAVE the border patrol stopping these children from coming in. Maybe they aren't vaccinated. Maybe they are bringing in diseases. What is wrong with our Congress and President? IS THE POUND STILL selling dogs to research at MCG for huge profits and huge...

Green tea lozenge helps dry mouth

...S. will suffer chronic dry mouth at some point, often from medications they are taking such as in chemotherapy, or from diseases such as diabetes or an autoimmune disease called Sjogren's syndrome, where the immune system mistakenly attacks the salivary...

Good management can help your vegetable garden grow

...the plants time to dry during the day. Watering late in the afternoon or early evening keeps plants wet for several hours so diseases are typically increased.For small gardens, using a watering can or hose can be effective. They make it easy to target the...

Rants & Raves

...because the benefits are better than you give dependents and veterans. WARNING, WE ARE being invaded from the country of Mexico, and the invaders are bringing in diseases into our country that were once wiped out in the United States.