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'Augmented reality' could work for commissioners

There's an idea to promote James Brown and draw tourists to Augusta by creating "augmented reality" exhibits projecting Brown's images. It's an intriguing concept that commissioners could put to good use for themselves.
Across the area

Lynn Bailey, executive director of the county Board of Elections, said 2,088 people voted Wednesday in the three advance-voting locations. That brought the week's total to 5,716. Another 2,262 participated in early voting last week.
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Does Augusta have to have an election every year? Good question

Next year, 2011, could be unique in recent Richmond County history. It just could be. It just might be ... the first year anyone can remember that Richmond County didn't have an election.
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Voting system changes

ATLANTA - Georgia elections officials from Secretary of State Cathy Cox down to probate judges in the smallest counties readily concede that converting the entire state to electronic voting by November will be a challenge.
Ferreting out voter fraud

When the voter ID bill came up last year in the Georgia General Assembly, opponents said, "Don't pass it."
Across the area

Four adults and a child were killed in a three-vehicle traffic accident tonight, Aiken County Coroner Tim Carlton said. The crash happened at about 9:30 p.m. on New Holland Road in Aiken County, he said. The victims had not been identified at 11:30 p.m.
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Voting project sites will be named soon

ATLANTA - The 26 Georgia cities vying to take part in a test of electronic voting this fall might know as soon as mid-May whether they have been selected for the pilot project. The newly created 21st Century Voting Commission is tentatively scheduled to hold its first meeting May 16 in Macon, said Chris Riggall, spokesman for Secretary of State Cathy Cox, on Tuesday. The panel is expected to choose four or five cities for the $200,000 project, based on her recommendations, Mr. Riggall said.