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North Augusta could lose Kmart, gain new retailers

Metro Augusta could lose one of its last two Kmarts, if plans to demolish the North Augusta store on East Martintown Road progress.
Soggy St. Pat's meant low alcohol sales

SAVANNAH -- Blame it on the rain. That's the consensus among the city and not-for-profit organizations behind the annual St. Patrick's Day Festival for the less than stellar sales of alcohol consumption wristbands this ye
Historic warehouse to be converted into downtown apartments

What opened in 1860 as a wagon factory on the corner of Ellis and Ninth streets will soon provide more downtown residential rentals.
Downtown merchants disappointed by canceled Masters Week events a while so when they come, they see new shops and they see new restaurants," said Wood ard, the executive director of the city's Down town Development Authority.She said she believes people will still flock downtown during Masters Week...
Certain developments could be key to downtown's success

...average is our downtown living population, our downtown venues and our entertainment," said Woodard, the executive director of the city's Downtown Development Authority. "Where I think we are below par is the retail component ... and looking...
Mills campus plan actually benefits city's entire urban core

...Laney-Walker/Bethlehem. On the contrary ? it makes our entire urban core all the more vibrant. (The writer is director of the city's Housing and Community Development Department.)
City's rankings might matter little to companies

Since 2008, Augusta has appeared in 20 national rankings, receiving high marks for being the "most resilient metro economy." But what do these ratings mean to recruiters?
Augusta Commission members love to travel at taxpayers' expense

...DOLLARS BY ANY OTHER NAME: After weeks of arguing whether Jacquelyn Humphrey and Yvonne Gentry are coordinators or directors of the city's Equal Opportunity Office and Small Business Department, commissioners are nowhere close to agreement.City...
$244,000 for public restroom?

...portion would be about $49,000.At least one city councilor has raised concerns about the price. Rick Jones, director of the city's planning department, said the difficult location and special materials to be used contribute to the cost.
What happened to 30901? New plan must be a game-changer

What we look for now is a 50-year plan that is a real game-changer.