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Augusta Children's Chorale preparing for April 29 auditions

The chorale accepts children in third through eighth grades. The audition tests young singers' vocal ability and their sense of rhythm.
Craig a true advocate for child abuse victims

As former executive director of the Augusta Child Advocacy Center, I have had firsthand experience working with District Attorney Danny Craig. Mr. Craig is a true advocate for...
Restore foster children fund cuts

...investment in our future. Julia Rankin Bloodworth, Augusta (Editor's note: The writer is the executive director of the Augusta Child Advocates, Inc.)
Letters | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
Task force help OK'd by DFCS

The Augusta DFCS office has capitulated to the efforts of a local child task force, agreeing to allow a small army of volunteers to help ensure no child falls through the child protective services system. On Friday, local task force members followed up on meetings earlier this week with Department of Family and Children Services supervisors, and set in motion the task force's insistent offer to help DFCS caseworkers oversee abused and neglected children in state custody.
The sound of music

It's early Tuesday, and every seat is occupied. The small rehearsal space at Aldersgate United Methodist Church is a veritable sea of children in khaki and green. Their youthful singing rings through the room and out into the empty halls. At the baton, Linda Bradberry, director of the Augusta Children's Chorale, silently encourages and instructs, communicating through a complex series of reassuring smiles and nods as her hands punctuate each beat, break and breath in the music.
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