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Schools win accountability awards from state

Greenbrier Middle School was one of just 17 in Georgia to receive recognition for "greatest gains" and "highest performance" on exams by the Governor's Office of Student Achievement.
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County might separate genders in every grade

GREENSBORO, Ga. --- Greene County schools Superintendent Shawn McCollough believes boys and girls are the key to fixing his ailing school district.
The new new math

...the changes to the curriculum as it is implemented into the higher grades. Mike Lindsey, the system's director of middle school learning, said he is awaiting test results. "We've heard it's a difficult test," he said. "We're anxious...
Fifth-grader Columbia County's top speller

...this is the first time we've had a repeat winner in the spelling bee," said Columbia County schools Director of Middle School Learning Mike Lindsey. "I know you're proud, and I know your parents are proud," he told the fifth-grader...
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Columbia County eighth-graders improve on CRCT writing test

Columbia County's eighth-graders showed a 1 percentage point improvement for the number of pupils passing the eighth-grade writing assessment.
State honors Greenbrier Middle School

...Carson, the principal at the school when the tests were administered, but currently is the Columbia County director of middle school learning."Our students rose up to the high expectations the teachers, parents and the administration had for...
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Low achievers to start earlier

Columbia County hopes to boost the performance of some low-achieving middle-school pupils by teaching them material before their classmates.
Math standards are multiplied

Columbia County educators admit last year's sixth-graders were a bit overwhelmed when new math standards were introduced.
Books play supplemental learning role

One book details the wonders of human anatomy. Another explains the intricacies of the legislative system. Yet another displays diagrams of the internal combustion engine.
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Textbook tracker has glitch

...Columbia County school system. "It was giving us some false calculations," said Mike Lindsey, the director of middle-school learning and the project leader for implementing the TIPWeb software, which tracks textbooks using bar codes and...