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Bridges in Augusta need help

Augusta's bridges aren't falling down, but many still need improvement, including the Fifth Street bridge and a Berckmans Road bridge over Rae's Creek near Augusta National Golf Club, a recently released report states.
Metro | Augusta National Golf Club
North Augusta prepares for riverfront work

Mark Singh, who works in the Lamar Building downtown, says he enjoys the convenience of taking a nearby stroll during his lunch break at Riverwalk Augusta.
Metro | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
Panel votes to fund repairs

After being presented with a petition and a pledge by the city of Hephzibah on Monday, Augusta's Engineering Services Committee recommended spending $500,000 to fix a hole that has come to be known as the Hephzibah Grand Canyon.
Metro | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
Road upgrades put homes in jeopardy

Ann Clyde says she isn't against progress. She's just concerned about losing her house and front yard.
Workers preparing for Masters

The weeds must be pulled and the pot holes filled, no matter what season or what dignitaries might pass through town. But Frank Walker Sr. of the Augusta Trees & Landscape Department can attest to the sense of urgency filling city workers as the Masters golf tournament draws near. Two weeks from now, the Garden City must once again bear scrutiny from visitors from all over the world. And Mr. Walker, a 22-year city landscaping veteran, wants to hear those sweet compliments from out-of-towners that he's used to hearing.
Three Augusta bridges rated 'poor'

They are the city's repeat offenders.
Downtown parking lots may change

...easing his truck into a parking bay space. "You have to be extra careful." Teresa Smith, the director of Augusta's Public Works department, says the bays have caused problems for some motorists, with walls too high to allow a clear view...
Metro | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
Georgia has fewer bad bridges

In the past 10 years, Georgia has reduced the number of deficient bridges it has as South Carolina's figure has increased, according to a new study.
Say no to wage hike

When Teresa Smith was appointed three weeks ago by an Augusta Commission majority to be director of Augusta's public works department, she knew what the salary was. If she didn't like it, she should have turned the post down.
Editorials | Augusta-Richmond County Commission