Wire Technician Augusta Job in Augusta, Georgia US

...work both inside and outside and are responsible for the installation and customer care of the new U-verse integrated digital TV, high speed Internet and voice services. What you'll do as an AT&T Wire Technician: Educate customers on...

Will digital TV come without cable boxes?

...company, a customer could buy a digital TV set with those capabilities built...to create truly "cable-ready" digital TV sets. Until then, cable TV customers...They'll need the box if they buy a new digital TV set starting in November, or if...

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FCC approves digital TV

...viewers will either have to buy new digital TV and VCRs or purchase set-top converters...sticker shock: The wide-screen digital TV sets are expected to cost at least...price from $150 to $300. Some new digital TV sets may include a built-in digital-to-analog...

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New digital TV set shoppers should study before they buy

LAS VEGAS -- When pricey new digital TV sets hit the stores this fall, let...to do their homework. Initially, digital TV set owners who don't have cable...to what constitutes cable-ready digital TV sets," Federal Communications Commission...

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Presidential panel begins study of digital TV

...reinvented. The new system is called digital TV, and a presidential panel is trying...worth billions of dollars, for digital TV. Given the panel's diverse members...common ground," Ornstein says. Digital TV allows broadcasters to squeeze more...

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On digital TV, Gore wants kids' shows, free political air time

...they switch to digital technology. Digital TV promises the biggest change since...for being awarded without charge digital TV channels worth billions. And leaving...public about what is possible from digital TV is among her goals. Panel member...

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This week's tech tips: `Push' technology and more on digital TV

...Pointcast. Alarmist media reports that digital TV will make today's television receivers...involved in the process of introducing digital TV. They echo some stressed-out representatives...industry, who fear the mere whiff of digital TV's approach will stifle sales of...

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Technical glitches threaten digital TV's debut

...threaten to make the debut of digital TV a patchwork affair this fall. Years in the making, digital TV could transform the half-century-old...when viewers will be able to see digital TV at all. For example, the only station...

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Will you get the new digital TV signal?

...Rabbit ears" won't do. Most digital TV channels are on channels 14-51...which is helping stations implement digital TV. Digital signals are more robust...TV antennas can be used to receive digital TV signals, says Jonathan Thompson...

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Rival visions of digital TV will fight for viewers

...broadcasters to start over-the-air digital TV in late 1998. Without a converter-box...already be saving up for your first digital TV. Buying everything will be expensive...to build personal computers with digital TV receivers - competing to some extent...

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