Is scanner better than digital camera?

...scanner isn't a better deal than a digital camera. Their argument: You can always...photograph, but you can't use a digital camera to get other kinds of printed...Well, a scanner is actually a digital camera of sorts. It takes an image...

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Kodak breaks price barrier with $1,000 digital camera

...Kodak Co. on Monday introduced a digital camera for under $1,000 that produces...price of Kodak's DC120 Zoom Digital camera wasn't seen by industry analysts...president of Eastman Kodak Co.'s digital camera unit. Mr. Unterberger said that...

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Digital camera is more fashionable than functional

...a California company has announced an inexpensive digital camera as a "fashion accessory." A "fashion accessory...So if your outfit will be enhanced by a $69.99 digital camera that's considerably smaller than a pack of cigarettes...

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Mini digital camera

...Reiko Kojima displays the latest model of Fuji Film digital camera, FinePix 2700, during a preview in Tokyo Thursday...smallest and lightest (230 grams) aluminum body digital camera, offering ultrahigh quality images with 2.3 mega...

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Disposable digital camera shoots but doesn't score

...another option: a single-use digital camera that's both inexpensive and...included. And like a lower-end digital camera, the image quality is disappointing...borrowed a 3.2-megapixel Toshiba digital camera. (Pure Digital says its disposable...

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New sensor improves digital camera images

...physicist, talked about their new digital camera image sensor that he developed...than $3,000. As for today's digital camera technology, I'm currently very...in India with a $300 consumer digital camera, filled the cover of eDigitalPhoto...

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Kodak gains on Sony in U.S. digital camera market

...heels in the ballooning U.S. digital camera market. The world's biggest...Christopher Chute. Kodak's digital camera business "crossed the line into...Kodak invented the world's first digital camera prototype in 1976 but appeared...

Exploring your digital camera's color options is fun, creative

...film we've tested." So, many digital camera shooters have no problem getting...you have a point-and-shoot digital camera, first turn on the camera's...take a color picture with your digital camera, you can create black-and-white...

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Know options before buying digital camera

...photography, you'll probably want a digital camera with at least a 4X optical zoom...Grain (called "noise" in a digital camera) is increased in the process...transfer of large files. And for digital-camera owners whose recording media is...

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Digital camera make photos a snap

...a gadget that's lots of fun - the PowerShot 350 digital camera that works with both PCs and Macs. Digital cameras...stored, viewed and manipulated. The resolution of a digital camera is a function of how many CCDs are crammed into it...

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