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Sunday, May 24, 2015 Dig deeper into local life and current events with our special topic pages. Topic pages are comprehensive archives of our coverage...

Topics | The Augusta Chronicle

Saturday, May 23, 2015 Dig deeper into local life and current events with our special topic pages. Topic pages are comprehensive archives of our coverage...

Baseball TV dispute with Orioles put off

...arbitration. The Orioles knew that," he said.Neuwirth said the lack of increased broadcast revenue caused the team's owners to "dig into reserves" and renegotiate loans."They don't have the cash flow," Neuwirth said.MASN was established in March 2005...

Kyle Busch is eligible for the Sprint Cup title

...But the last couple of weeks there's always a time where I knew that I wasn't going to be in the 18 car and they have some important stuff to protect. I'm also respectful and honor what they have working and I don't try to dig."

Georgia solar industry growth threatening state's gopher tortoise population

...just want to make sure when they are placed, it's strategic."The gopher tortoise likes sparsely forested land where it digs burrows in sandy soil. Its burrows also provide habitat for gopher frogs, indigo snakes and southern hognose snakes, which...

Sid Mullis: Spurweed is a truly painful weed to handle

...persist until they naturally decompose.If you only have a few of these plants in your lawn, the best thing to do is to manually dig them up. This will help in getting rid of potential plants for next fall. This might not be practical in a big lawn with a...

Proposed Palmetto Pipeline demonstrates no pressing public need

...Texas-sized Palmetto Pipeline across the Savannah River and down the length of the Georgia coast, energy giant Kinder Morgan needs to dig a massive trench, slicing through nearly 400 properties in all 12 Georgia coastal counties. Many of the property owners have...

State agency will fine for illegal digging

...hours when contacted by phone, online or smartphone app. The law requires contractors ? and homeowners ? "call before you dig."Private industry also offers training, such as part of the University of Georgia's course for certified landscape professionals...

'American Pie' reminds me of how hard it was to decipher in 1972

...friends and co-workers wasn't sure what it all was about. We had to dig, and this was before the Internet.Our sources were limited, and...in a time when life really seemed black and white.I think I'll dig that album out tonight.

Singer finds own voice through role in Celtic Woman

...times ever that I just actually stood on a stage and interacted with an audience as myself," she said. "I had to kind of dig deep into my own sort of ? into myself ? to find the meaning in songs and relate to them."It was actually a bit scary...