Investigation into Allendale train derailment continues

...Jan. 27 when a CSX train derailed in Martin, S.C., resulting in a leak of thousands of gallons of hydrochloric acid, diesel and other materials. A nearby plant was evacuated and two train employees were treated at an Augusta hospital.Officials told...

Tax to address aging roads goes into effect in July

...Starting July 1, the average Georgia driver will pay about 6 cents more for a gallon of gas, while distributors of unleaded and diesel fuel will see tax increases of 26 and 29 cents per gallon, respectively, under the new law signed by Gov. Nathan Deal last...

On The Money: What do you really get for a $7,000 Tesla home battery?

...battery is small, unobtrusive, and tucked away on a wall. If paired with a solar system, it doesn't require any gasoline, diesel or other fuel - which might also run out during an emergency. And it doesn't produce any exhaust that can be dangerous if...

Diesel registrations up 80 percent in last five years

...chose fuel-efficient diesels as an option, according...released Wednesday by a diesel advocacy group. There...and released by the Diesel Technology Forum. That...because there were more diesels to choose from. In 2000, there were only 12 diesel passenger vehicles available...

Life & style
At the end of the day, random thoughts creep in

Sometimes, late at night, when I have nothing to think about, my mind diesels on for a while before it shuts off for the night. Ideas that aren't very useful run through my brain as it is going into sleep...

Glynn Moore
Georgia DOT has until Tuesday to act on pipeline application

...Augusta's current sole pipeline that delivers diesel and gas to five terminals, which is then...spilling more than 123,000 gallons of diesel fuel into the sensitive Suisun Marsh...products such as gasoline, jet fuel and diesel. In fact, according to recent statistics...

Unwise and unwanted

...Not motorists and consumers along the planned South Carolina-to-Florida route. They haven't clamored for more gas, diesel or jet fuel because their markets already are adequately served.Even top state officials are lukewarm on the plan. Both Gov...

Toyota, Mazda announce 'long-term partnership' in technology

...in each other.Toyoda expressed interest in Hiroshima-based Mazda's fuel-efficient technology for gasoline engines and diesel vehicles called Skyactive.But neither immediately went into specifics, such as whether Toyota would license Mazda to use...

What Is It?

...helped put an end to production."Any engine or transmission was available, including a diesel in the mid-1980s. GM tried to adapt a 350 block for diesel use, and it just wasn't designed for this."Widner wins a prize from The Augusta Chronicle...

State opposing Palmetto Pipeline

...Morgan plans to spend more than $1 billion on the 16-inch-diameter steel pipeline that would route gasoline, ethanol and diesel from the Gulf Coast and from South Carolina to North Augusta, Savannah, Ga., and Jacksonville, Fla.The pipeline requires...