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New Diebold CEO getting ready for challenges ahead

NORTH CANTON, Ohio - The man who ran Diebold Inc.'s much-criticized electronic...segment - electronic voting. For years, Diebold has been scrutinized because of questions...of the company. Investors sued after Diebold stock tumbled, most dramatically in September...
Diebold finds voting machine business stormy

...last presidential election, ATM maker Diebold Inc. decided it should expand into," said Walden W. O'Dell, Diebold's chairman and chief executive. technology promised by the likes of Diebold. But Diebold has yet to realize large...
Voting machine maker hires former state election chief

...elections division has accepted a job with Diebold Election Systems, the company that supplied...she will serve as a liaison between Diebold and elections officials nationwide. Georgia...plans to address the hire directly with Diebold. "For me, as secretary of state, she...
Ruling favors electronic voting machines

...Superior Court judge on Monday tossed out an attempt to ban the Diebold electronic voting machines used in Georgia's elections...dismissed a voters' rights group's contention that use of the Diebold AccuVote TS-R6 machines violates voters' rights because...
Lindsay Nicole Hayes

AUGUSTA - Ahsha Diebold Hayes and Paul M. Hayes of Evans, Ga. are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter, Lindsay Nicole Hayes, born March...
Watch out for voting shenanigans

I am writing to inform all voters to be aware that Diebold voting machines already have come under scrutiny in New Hampshire. These machines can be "hacked" in a matter of minutes, allowing...
Fix deadly intersection

Our response to this tragedy should be prompt, and result in significant risk reduction.
For the record

...Ebony Miles, 27, both of Indian Head, Md.FILED MARCH 24Nicholas James Mohn, 33, of Smyrna, Ga., and Ansley Megan Diebold, 26, of AugustaFILED MARCH 18Calvin James Householder, 27, and Stephanie Ann Wagnon, 36, both of HephzibahJudson Mullis...
Civil rights group fears effect of e-voting company's threats

...Foundation, argued in court Monday that Diebold Inc. should be legally barred from sending...cease-and-decist letters. Many removed links to Diebold documents, but some - including San Francisco-based...Online Policy Group - refused, and sued Diebold. They say the leaked documents raise...
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Voting system changes

...159 counties in less than six months. Diebold Election Systems filled an order 10 times...of those terminals," said Mark Radke, Diebold's marketing director. "And we got it done." Diebold, a subsidiary of an Ohio-based manufacturer...