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Dick Tracy's wrist radio is almost reality

...yacht loaded with dynamite. Unlike Dick Tracy, Vargo is no comic-strip crime-fighter...Technologies in Murray Hill, N.J. "The Dick Tracy watch is at the forefront of the...prototype was created in 1947, when Dick Tracy was the subject of feature films...
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It comes off the wrist for talking

TOKYO -- It's cool to play Dick Tracy with a watch-shaped phone. But it turns out the thrill...weighing 4 ounces, works fine in its watch form a la Dick Tracy. And if you choose to use it as a handset, it wraps...
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Technology makes news easier than ever to access, take with you

...touching a lapel pin to call home are the only things left.Maybe scratch that last one off. Wearable technology like Dick Tracy's is here. Computers are phones and phones are in watches.You may have heard about Google Glass ? eyeglass frames...
The first lady of Augusta golf

...Stulb - winning this trophy, or going to that tournament. Augustans could read of her adventures almost as often as Dick Tracy's. But Eileen Stulb was real. A real competitor. A real leader. A real mentor. A real asset to women's golf...
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News you can use

...story-type strips - Judge Parker and Rex Morgan - followed in fourth and fifth places. Mark Trail, Buz Sawyer, Peanuts, Dick Tracy and Steve Canyon filled out the top 10. The three least-liked cartoon strips were Amanda Panda, Short Ribs and Little...
Harry Potter books are good for kids Justice triumphs over evil. No profanity, no sex. Just about like Little Orphan Annie, Tom Mix, Superman, Dick Tracy and Gene Autry. I highly recommend them to anyone who likes good fiction. Al Hamilton, Aiken
Lessons fill old police headquarters

...and it certainly wasn't vacant. Not in its prime when it was Cop Central, where crime-fighters who seemed part Dick Tracy and part Dragnet protected and served Augusta. Or so it seemed. I learned a lot in that old building more than three...
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Officer hunts for evidence they call when they're in a time crunch or in need of someone with high-tech skills and equipment - an ultimate Dick Tracy for Augusta. "Anytime you've got an investigator who doesn't have enough time or he collects evidence that he can't...
AOL expanding Web access

...with NTT DoCoMo pay off, AOL has to find ways to make its Internet services work on devices with screens the size of a Dick Tracy wristwatch. "The real key is ease of use," said Dennis Patrick, president of AOL Wireless. "But wireless devices...
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Essential movies for children

...Chicken Run" (2000) "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (1977) "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (1951) "Dick Tracy" (1990) "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" (1964) "Duck Soup" (1933...
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