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Crew reschedules launch of around-the-world balloon flight

...try again. The Global Hilton balloon team, which was to take off Tuesday morning, plans to launch Friday. Pilots Dick Rutan and Dave Melton had said they did not expect to make another attempt for about two weeks because forecasters indicated...
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Balloonist lands in Russia, ending 4th attempt to fly around world

...month in Morocco and flew unmanned before coming down in Algeria. Such debacles are not holding others back. Pilot Dick Rutan of Mojave, Calif. -- a veteran of the first nonstop airplane flight around the world -- and co-pilot Dave Melton...
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Race is on for first balloonist to circle to globe

...Busch Stadium in St. Louis, in a more sophisticated bid for the honor. They may have soon have even more competition. Dick Rutan, who helped fly the experimental lightweight plane Voyager around the world nonstop 11 years ago, plans to take off...
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Pilot to circle world in unique balloon

...It's late afternoon at Mojave Airport, a dusty complex on the edge of this desert town, and pioneering pilot Dick Rutan is fidgeting with a curious white orb outside his hangar. He tugs at wires and hoses. He peers through the bubble windows...
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