Augusta group raising awareness of kidney disease, lack of diabetes monitoring at Kidney Action Day event

...awareness about risk factors such as uncontrolled diabetes. Richmond County's lack of diabetes monitoring only adds to that concern, an official...screenings for risk factors like kidney function, diabetes, and high blood pressure, plus healthy cooking...

Diabetes study critical for young blacks

Diabetes is a fact of life for more than 2.3...that diet and exercise can prevent most diabetes cases. "What this shows is that individuals...especially those of races highly susceptible to diabetes, can take a powerfully active role in...

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November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes is a disease that cares little about your age, sex, or color of your...partisan bias when it comes to the ever-growing numbers of people with diabetes. Diabetes is the biggest public health crisis of the 21st century, and diagnosis...

Doctors uncover key to diabetes detection

Leigh Steed was already working in diabetes as a nurse and engaged to a doctor who specialized in diabetes when the disease got personal. She found out she had type 1 diabetes, even though she was 29 years old and it usually shows up much earlier...

Get moving Saturday to cure diabetes

...than that for my family, as it also is Diabetes Awareness Month.You see, my 8-year-old...Carter, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 22 months old, and since then my...have become involved with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to find a cure for...

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Prevention needed to avoid full-blown diabetes

...blood sugar the government is now calling "pre-diabetes," and new guidelines urge most middle-aged people...tested so they can take steps to prevent full-blown diabetes. "Diabetes is a battle that we can all win," Health and Human...

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Scientists: healthy living can prevent diabetes

...Most cases of the most common form of diabetes can be prevented by moderate exercise...could head off over 90 percent of type 2 diabetes. Another says that the changes could...developing it. "There is no question that diabetes is a lifestyle disease, and can be prevented...

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Program helps diabetes patients manage disease

...King's family doctor told him he had Type 2 diabetes. "It didn't really shock me, considering that diabetes runs very strong throughout my family...is among a disproportionate number of diabetes patients who are black, and now he and...

Diabetes Expo will offer information on disease

Since 1987, the Diabetes Expo has been educating people about...people who are knowledgeable about diabetes and bring out family and friends to...Sponsored by University Health Care System Diabetes Services, the 21st annual Diabetes...

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Blood proteins might be early warning signs of diabetes

...might also be early warning signs of diabetes, researchers say. Diabetics are known...damage as much as eight years before diabetes was even diagnosed. The study strengthens the evidence linking diabetes with silent inflammation, which also...

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