Comet craters spark Carolina investigation

...thousands of strange, oval-shaped depressions in the landscape, ranging in size from...Scientists have determined that these depressions, called Carolina Bays, were created...sandhill region is the number of circular depressions that are scattered over the surface...

Life & style
Slices of wilderness

...the variety found inside the shallow depressions along the coastal plains called Carolina...from Georgia to Maryland, although the depressions are most often found in the Carolinas...over thousands of years carved out the depressions and gave them their elliptical shape...

Successful traits are spotlighted

...business students, faculty and alumni about the findings of research into 36 American companies that had withstood wars, depressions and many changes in leadership. By comparing companies of similar age and industry, he discovered that the better-performing...

XXX Bizarre
Happiness on parade

...paintings, which he took up as therapy to work through his deep depression after the death of his life partner, depict robots in various...documentary being filmed on his bumpy, art-filled journey from depression to purveyor of happiness."Life may knock you down," he...

Sid Mullis: Limelight hydrangeas show beauty late in season

...needle-like mouthpart through which they suck plant juices. When they puncture a tomato, they also inject a toxin that causes depressions or blemishes in the fruit. It allows secondary pathogens to enter the tomato and cause premature rotting. Other garden...

Pick candidate wisely

...candidate of high value, attacked the proposal of deporting illegal immigrants as not feasible and impossible.During the Great Depression, President Herbert Hoover ordered the deportation of all illegal aliens to improve employment.President Harry Truman deported...

Documentary to focus on artist's "Happy" campaign

...made by a Milwaukee-based independent filmmaker, is based on local artist Leonard "Porkchop" Zimmerman's journey from depression to the creation of his "happy campaign," which included posting billboards of a Happy Robot around Augusta and the distribution...

Sending bodies to private lab costly and unnecessary, Richmond County coroner says

...head and a belt loosely fastened around his neck, according to a case file generated by the GBI. With no known history of depression or suicide attempts, Wilson's death was labeled "suspicious" by the coroner's office. The cause of death has not been...

Charlie Sheen says he is HIV-positive, has been blackmailed

...AIDS."He is absolutely healthy," said Huizenga, adding that his real concern was for Sheen's "substance abuse and depression from the disease more than what the HIV virus could do to shorten his life, because it's not going to."Sheen said in...

Well-read: Classics to re-read

...teens who read the book. The shocking ending, which alarmed some readers, may be easier to digest the second time around. Depression, independence, feminism and other mature themes may be easier to grasp for older readers.Catch-22 by Joseph HellerWith...