Comet craters spark Carolina investigation

...thousands of strange, oval-shaped depressions in the landscape, ranging in size from...Scientists have determined that these depressions, called Carolina Bays, were created...sandhill region is the number of circular depressions that are scattered over the surface...

Life & style
Slices of wilderness

...the variety found inside the shallow depressions along the coastal plains called Carolina...from Georgia to Maryland, although the depressions are most often found in the Carolinas...over thousands of years carved out the depressions and gave them their elliptical shape...

Successful traits are spotlighted

...business students, faculty and alumni about the findings of research into 36 American companies that had withstood wars, depressions and many changes in leadership. By comparing companies of similar age and industry, he discovered that the better-performing...

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Sid Mullis: Limelight hydrangeas show beauty late in season

...needle-like mouthpart through which they suck plant juices. When they puncture a tomato, they also inject a toxin that causes depressions or blemishes in the fruit. It allows secondary pathogens to enter the tomato and cause premature rotting. Other garden...

Augusta-born Bernanke, in new memoir, recalls Lehman's 'surreal' failure

...which ignited the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.A "blur" is how Bernanke describes the events.Bernanke...the sharp deflation that substantially worsened the Great Depression."Bernanke says the Fed's key goals were to lower interest...

Venerable New Orleans eatery upgrades service

...Alciatore, who felt at home in the French-speaking city, the restaurant has persevered through Prohibition, the Great Depression, World War II and Hurricane Katrina. Blount, Roy Alciatore's grandson, took over six months before Katrina. The restaurant...

Northern Virginia's Washington & Old Dominion Trail a path through history

...previous business successes, however, these industry-minded men couldn't shield the W&OD from mismanagement, the Great Depression and the eventual march of progress.The automobile and paved highways freed residents from the constraints of distance and...

Georgia teen finds healing through coon hunting

...the boy's face stopped counting stitches at 120.Hutch's mother, Laura, said that afterward her son slipped into a depression that lasted for months."He didn't want to go out in public," she said. "He thought people were looking at him. He...

Kathren Pawlicki

...person, generous to a fault knowing the cost to a penny of every item in the Shop Rite grocery store. As a child of the Depression, everything was repurposed or recycled or simply "used up." She drove her 1970 Scout International Traveler with a V8...

Leaf blister fungus affects local oak trees

...this time, rain washes the spores into young leaves where infection takes place. After two to four weeks, small circular depressions (spots) will begin to develop. Spores produced on these spots will lodge on bud scales and remain dormant until the next...