Gospel Warriors mime conference in fourth year

...said when he was much younger the absence of his father or another positive role model weighed on him, and he sunk into depression and even attempted suicide a few times.Dancing and mime gave him a way to cope through his teen years."Every time I thought...

Josephine Davis

...20s, in Monticello, Florida, she was raised in the Great Depression, a daughter of the late Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Aline Nash...disappointment. She and her generation were children of the Great Depression, World War II, and Korean War. Whatever happened, they...

Comet craters spark Carolina investigation

...thousands of strange, oval-shaped depressions in the landscape, ranging in size from...Scientists have determined that these depressions, called Carolina Bays, were created...sandhill region is the number of circular depressions that are scattered over the surface...

Life & style
Slices of wilderness

...the variety found inside the shallow depressions along the coastal plains called Carolina...from Georgia to Maryland, although the depressions are most often found in the Carolinas...over thousands of years carved out the depressions and gave them their elliptical shape...

Successful traits are spotlighted

...business students, faculty and alumni about the findings of research into 36 American companies that had withstood wars, depressions and many changes in leadership. By comparing companies of similar age and industry, he discovered that the better-performing...

XXX Bizarre
Depression-era colony cashing in on Johnny Cash's fame

...friends have helped historians restore a significant part of the Historic Dyess Colony, a government collective built to pull Depression-era families out of poverty.The country music icon's boyhood home, along with the colony's former headquarters...

Angela Pringle answers questions in community listening session

...bullying has been a problem for her and her friends," Coleman said. "From elementary to high school, she's struggled with depression and anxiety. I want to see something done."Pringle said she wants to establish "student advisory" programs and create...

NYC's Roosevelt House: History and education

...9, 1932, NBC recorded FDR's radio broadcast from the house outlining his plans to lift the country out of the Great Depression. He posed for photos on the front steps, holding himself up on the stair railings. Frances Perkins, who became the first...

The Roosevelt trail leads visitors deep into history

...defining aspects of FDR's presidency, this site in Hyde Park, N.Y., brings to life his leadership during the Great Depression and World War II. But visitors will also learn about FDR's personal life, from his domineering mother, to his struggles...

Unswerving ideals

...of moral elasticity also earned him respect from millions of devoted customers and created a fast-food empire beyond the Depression-era child's wildest dreams.The big-hearted billionaire stood out among business titans in that he never strayed from...