Comet craters spark Carolina investigation

...thousands of strange, oval-shaped depressions in the landscape, ranging in size from...Scientists have determined that these depressions, called Carolina Bays, were created...sandhill region is the number of circular depressions that are scattered over the surface...

Life & style
Slices of wilderness

...the variety found inside the shallow depressions along the coastal plains called Carolina...from Georgia to Maryland, although the depressions are most often found in the Carolinas...over thousands of years carved out the depressions and gave them their elliptical shape...

Successful traits are spotlighted

...business students, faculty and alumni about the findings of research into 36 American companies that had withstood wars, depressions and many changes in leadership. By comparing companies of similar age and industry, he discovered that the better-performing...

XXX Bizarre
Warehouse Estate Sale....Fri & Sat 8-4 , 1017 Jones St Downtown Au...

...seat chairs, many wall mirrors and pictures, several tv cabinets, lots of chairs.All kinds of glassware, press glass, depression glass, cake plates, bakeware, china, decorator pieces, collectables and knic knacksSeveral bedspeads and comforters...

Leaf blister fungus affects local oak trees

...this time, rain washes the spores into young leaves where infection takes place. After two to four weeks, small circular depressions (spots) will begin to develop. Spores produced on these spots will lodge on bud scales and remain dormant until the next...

Sid Mullis: Limelight hydrangeas show beauty late in season

...needle-like mouthpart through which they suck plant juices. When they puncture a tomato, they also inject a toxin that causes depressions or blemishes in the fruit. It allows secondary pathogens to enter the tomato and cause premature rotting. Other garden...

Learn history of our depressions

You will not hear much about the depression of 1920-21 because it was so short-lived. Government policy to moderate the depression and speed the recovery was minimal. The Federal Reserve authorities were largely passive. Production fell 21...

Appling's Keg Pointe Road cemetery, other forgotten gravesites often remain mysteries

APPLING - Charlie Law first noticed the odd, linear depressions off Keg Pointe Road 35 years ago."I was working with a survey crew as a summer job," he said. "There was nothing out here...

Mum's the word when it comes to fall

...producing a good crop of vegetables or turf. They grow in poorer soils if ample nutrients and organic matter are incorporated. Depressions that might collect water should be leveled, or plant in raised beds. Winter kill can occur if unadapted varieties are grown...

Mums are thriving perennials

...Mums require well-drained soil because of their relatively shallow root system. Plant in raised beds, or level out depressions that might collect water. Winter kill can occur if unadapted varieties are grown or if plants desiccate (dry out) during...