South Carolina House approves bill that provides $400M more for roads, some income tax savings

...way to travel. The Senate has its own bill that raises more money through more taxes and fees, but has no Department of Transportation reform or income tax cut in it. And looming over it all is a veto threat from Haley unless the bill finds...

The safety risk of shrinking airline seats questioned by DOT

...together might make it harder for passengers to evacuate after a crash.A consumer advisory group set up by the Department of Transportation dove into all those issues Tuesday at a public hearing as part of its role to make non-binding suggestions...

6-mile backup when Atlanta pedestrian struck

...vehicle lane in midtown Atlanta around 5:45 a.m. Her condition wasn't immediately known.The Georgia Department of Transportation said backups extended for about six miles as police investigated.

Report gives US airlines lower marks across the board

...business-class sections.The annual report is now in its 25th year. Headley and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University professor Brent Bowen use information that the airlines submit to the U.S. Department of Transportation.Ree

Public hearing on pipeline planned

...legal requirement of a hearing, the Georgia Department of Transportation has scheduled a true public hearing regarding...hearings. "We are very pleased that the Georgia Department of Transportation has agreed to hold a public hearing as required...

More meetings on pipeline proposal

...hearing on the project as well as more scrutiny of how much the pipeline would benefit Georgia. The state Department of Transportation has reversed its earlier assertion that hearings could be conducted by Kinder Morgan, the sponsor of the...

Pardon Our Mess: Large pothole on Marvin Griffin Road

...it to avoid damage.WHO'S RESPONSIBLE: Augusta Traffic Engineering DepartmentACTION PROMISED: Georgia Department of Transportation spokesman Kyle Collins said crews were sent to inspect the pothole Monday to determine who is responsible for...

Feds unlikely to help Ga. road woes, Isakson says

...supporters have given for the state legislation is the decline in federal funding.Officials with the Georgia Department of Transportation have been telling civic clubs, legislators and anyone who will listen that the state is bracing for the Washington...

Rants & Raves

...get over the crest of that big hill traffic is often completely stopped because of construction. I think the Department of Transportation could easily fix that by moving the barrels and flashing arrow to be visible at or before the crest of the...

Questions in the pipeline

...convincingly how seizing the land benefits the public. So far, Georgia's regulatory agency ? the Georgia Department of Transportation ? has yet to show how the pipeline is in the interest of any Peach State resident, especially the thousands...