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Barnes targeted on immigration considering drivers' licenses for illegal immigrants and was awaiting results from a study from the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety."We've got to work this out," Barnes said at the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce convention...
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Bad overpass strikes again

...English-reading requirement in order to have the privilege of a driving permit. Or is it possible that the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety has quit giving an eye exam? With a stop sign and all the warning signs and even chains hanging down...
Deer pose deadly risk to drivers

EDGEFIELD, S.C. - One morning when Sgt. Marty English was headed to a gas station on Star Road in Edgefield, he got more than a tankful when a large doe leapt in front of his Ford Crown Victoria police cruiser.
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Spam slam, smoking ban begin Friday

...licenses from four years to five or 10 years is one of the changes included in a law that overhauls the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety by breaking apart its duties and creating a new agency to deal solely with driver licensing. OTHER CHANGES...
Some say hassle, cost are worries

...estimates range in the hundreds of millions for all states to meet the law's requirements. The Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety, which is scheduled to spin out to a new driver's licensing agency in July, has yet to make an estimate...
DMVS changes focus on service

...up much less by July. Gov. Sonny Perdue recently signed House Bill 501, which essentially strips the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety down to a new agency focusing only on issuing driver's licenses and divvies up the other services to three...
Bills could affect daily life

...which would do away with the state's Department of Motor Vehicle Safety and create a new streamlined agency focusing...government paychecks. HB 501: Gets rid of the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety and sets up a new agency to focus on issuing...
Across Georgia

...their license under a new pilot program that allows them to take the exam at a private driving school. The Department of Motor Vehicle Safety began the six-month pilot program this week with 11 schools in DeKalb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Forsyth...
Office draws ire of client

...said he was given a cold shoulder in return, prompting him to leave and file a complaint with the state Department of Motor Vehicle Safety. "The governor should get on their (butts) and fire every one of them," Mr. Basilicato said. "It's...
Program may aid older drivers

...state to test-drive the program, and Mr. King said Georgia might not be far behind. Already, Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety officials have requested information about how to bring the multifaceted GrandDriver to the Peach State...