Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion returns to work

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (AP) - A Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion returned to work Tuesday after weeks...Cecil's killing, the Zimbabwean government's pursuit of the dentist has cooled off amid fears it could hamper a hunting industry...

Rants & Raves

Comments from readers: A RAVE TO my son's dentist. She discovered a cancerous lesion on his tongue during a...He was not a smoker or tobacco user of any kind. Go to the dentist. It is important. RAVES TO THE person who wrote about Richmond...

Crawford Long invented anesthesia, and that's no bunk

...said that on Sept. 30, 1846: "Boston dentist William Morton used ether as an anesthetic...Long used ether four years before that dentist in Boston, and he was so famous that...William Morton, who, though he worked as a dentist, left dental school without graduating...

Dozens flock to free dental clinic in Martinez

...that his last trip to see a dentist was six months ago. He got...Bullard, along with six other dentists from the Augusta area and other...get a rare chance to sit in a dentist's chair. Amber Perez, one...Shelly Moment got in to see a dentist just after noon, after arriving...

The right word makes all the difference

...anesthesia in surgery, only to have Big History give a Boston dentist the credit. I mentioned that Henry Ford declared "History is...Great Moment, which dealt with ? of all things ? that dentist's so-called discovery of anesthesia.History, bunk...

Dentist convicted of killing in 1990 and 2004 files appeal

The dentist who pleaded guilty to murder in the death of his wife in 2004 and of an estranged girlfriend in 1990 has appealed.Barton Corbin...

Facing rising dental costs, seniors head to Mexico

...Messina, a practicing dentist and consumer adviser...Americans who visit dentists in foreign countries...may not be an option.Dentists in Los Algodones say...standards as American dentists and have offices that...Obed Zuniga has been a dentist in Los Algodones for...

Dentists to build mine near swamp

...name for their effort -- Dentists Defending the Swamp. "People forget that dentists have lives outside their...dull toothache to these dentists. From Savannah to Atlanta...the group reaches. Macon dentist Ty Ivey, a member of DDS...

Dentist's visit was laughable

...week, so was I. Stretched back in the dentist's chair. Floodlight blinding my eyes...high-pitched whine of a drill mining ivory. My dentist and his (masked) associate were chatting...You're biting your tongue," the dentist said. "I don't feel it," I mumbled...

German dentist wins right to advertise on Internet

...Germany - A court has upheld a German dentist's right to advertise on the Internet...Michael Vorbeck, dubbed the "Internet Dentist, must drop a list of his charges from...patients, the court said. The state dentists' association of Rhineland-Palatinate...

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