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Denice Traina campaigns for Augusta commission on transit issue

Augusta's troubled public transit system was the backdrop Monday for Denice Traina to declare her candidacy for the District 1 City Commission post."Jobs and the means to reach them are two vital components...
Military recruitment in schools questioned

Parent Denice Traina thinks military recruiters shouldn't be allowed to pursue What's Next: Parent Denice Traina says she will meet with school board President Marion Barnes at 2 p...
District 1 race pits neighborhood activists against incumbent

...District 1 race pits three neighborhood activists ? Denice Traina, Bill Fennoy and Stanley Hawes ? against incumbent...representation to half the city's residents if elected. Denice Traina and District 3 candidate Mary Davis are the only women...
Augusta transit committee convenes for first time, expresses hopes

...Terence Dicks, former chairman of the city Human Relations Commission, as chairman. Former commission candidate Denice Traina was elected vice chairwoman. Sharon Dottery, as transit liaison between the city and bus manager McDonald Transit...
Federal halfway house hits snag

...was divided.Ivey, Y.N. Myers Jr., Tanya Barnhill, William Wright and Sonny Pittman were in opposition, and Denice Traina abstained. The panel then decided to reconsider the issue after the two parties had a chance to meet again.
Matt Aitken, Bill Fennoy, Stanley Hawes, Denice Traina vie for Augusta Commission District 1

Matt Aitken, Bill Fennoy and Denice Traina are running for the Augusta Commission District 1 seat.
Fort Gordon bus route begins service

...effect to mitigate some of those challenges while we increase the size of the installation and size of the personnel."Denice Traina, vice-chairwoman of the Augusta Public Transit Citizens' Advisory Committee, lauded the bus route for giving Augusta...
Augusta administrator Janice Allen Jackson wants deputy administrators to remain until replacements hired

...curb cuts on city rights of way, while Recreation, Parks and Facilities handles accessibility of city facilities.Denice Traina, a physical therapist and activist who opposed Fennoy for the District 1 seat, then reintroduced consultant Tim Hollobaugh...
Religion doesn't belong in schools

The Sept. 20 letter written by Denice Traina ("Our schools need more religion classes") states she wants religion taught in school, but wants the government out of religion...
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Where Augusta Commission District 1 candidates Matt Aitken, Bill Fennoy, Stanley Hawes and Denice Traina stand on key issues

Augusta Commission District 1 candidates Matt Aitken, Bill Fennoy, Stanley Hawes and Denice Traina discuss the stormwater fee, raising taxes, the convention center and the city administrator.