Teacher group backs Carter for governor

...Georgia's public education." The group has historically backed Democrats, although it declined to endorse anyone in the 2002 governor's...is not a surprise given the group's history of supporting Democrats. He said teachers don't vote as a group and many are supporting...

The biggest bailout

...winners and losers; reduce competition; and burden taxpayers with the fallout.How cynical that the health insurers that Democrats once demonized ? then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called them "immoral" and "villains" ? now are full-blown co-conspirators...

Georgia Democrats, Republicans reach out to voters

...they remind Georgians why their vote is so important. And with each block walked, and each personal connection made, Democrats are building a foundation for victory."The Republicans hope to have 100 to 150 volunteers making calls nightly in each...

Barrow, Allen both target Obama in early TV ads

...of the Republican ad's 85-percent figure.Meanwhile, Democrats have begun attacking Allen in an ad that also ignores some...raising taxes on themselves. The 16 projects singled out in the Democrats' ad were all funded through penny sales taxes approved by...

Tax refunds could get hit due to health law credits

...Funneling health insurance subsidies through the income-tax system was once seen as a political plus for Obama and congressional Democrats. It allowed the White House to claim that the Affordable Care Act is "the largest tax cut for health care in American history...

'A naked abuse of power'

...Review. "The indictment is an undisguised attempt to wound Perry, to create bad headlines, to distract him. On cue, Texas Democrats absurdly called on Perry to resign. The indictment itself is, in short, a naked abuse of power."It wouldn't be the...

Let Export-Import Bank expire

...cronyism alive.A majority of congressional Democrats, with assistance from several Republicans...Venezuela.It's equally amusing to see Democrats join hands with Big Business lobbyists...D-Mass., told The Huffington Post, Democrats hope to score points with the corporate...

Rants & Raves

...development. It is impeding the flow of prostitutes, drug dealers and burglars from conducting their daily business. A RANT TO DEMOCRATS for making my head explode. How anyone could support and have any faith in this lying, lunatic cabal of political charlatans...

Barrow's rival close to investing $1 million of own money

...e-mailed statement: "Rick believes in paying his success forward for his grandkids and their generation."He added that if Democrats such as Barrow and President Obama have their way in Washington, "frankly, money is not going to be worth a lot."

Augusta Democrats needed to fill delegate slots for Georgia Democratic Convention in Dublin

Augusta Democrats who want to get more involved in statewide politics can run for one of five delegate slots at a July 26 party meeting, also known...