Hillary Clinton says so-called women's issues are at the heart of reigniting middle class

...ahead and stay ahead in America."The Democratic presidential contender offered a sweeping...than 200 members of the South Carolina Democratic Women's Council. "They should represent...She did not take questions at the Democratic event or at an earlier lunch in Columbia...

Kirby: Alamanac, library meeting takes me back

...Davis was, so I looked it up and found he was a onetime West Virginia congressman and foreign diplomat who was also the 1924 Democratic Party candidate for president against Republican Calvin Coolidge.Coolidge won despite losing Richmond County 3,146 votes...

A height of hypocrisy

Hillary Clinton's hypocrisy is bad enough.Her philosophy is light years' worse.The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said recently that, as president, she would appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn existing campaign...

Bipartisan support in Washington for reform of misdemeanor courts

Republican and Democratic senators on Wednesday agreed that the nation can no longer ignore what they see as the systemic denial of legal representation...

As the coverage turns

...Politico and Bloomberg Business.What the left-leaning journalists at those mainstream outlets have been doing is giving the Democratic presidential hopeful uncharacteristically balanced coverage ? digging into her past just like they do into Republicans...

2 former lawmakers tell senators SC must produce more educated workers to be competitive

...as an investment, rather than a cost, because South Carolina's future depends on a more educated workforce, a former Democratic governor and Republican state treasurer told senators last week. "That's the kind of investment the business community...

Ga. GOP convention starts today

...next year that would give Georgia and the rest of the region some considerable influence in determining the Republican - and Democratic - nominees for the presidency.The first declared GOP presidential contender to address the state convention is U.S. Sen...

Rep. Hardwick resigned following investigation into complaint

...Charleston for more than 20 years - as part of a plea deal to avoid jail time for misdemeanor campaign finance violations.Former Democratic Sen. Robert Ford of Charleston resigned in May 2013, amid a Senate Ethics hearing on allegations he used campaign donations...

We don't need Hillary

...Foundation while in office as secretary of state.If I were a Democratic voter, I would be fearful of the lies about to be unleashed by Hillary...give her the keys to Air Force One. We need a reset ? no new Democratic president.

Black lawmakers celebrate legislative gains

...minority contractors, resulting from Democratic support for the transportation spending...in a release distributed by the House Democratic Caucus. The disease affects one in...legislation's passage as the bill's sole Democratic co-author and a member of the Legislature's...