GOP must compromise

...political capital the Republicans might have gained will be squandered if their members do not begin to collaborate with their Democratic counterparts and, yes, even with a president who has two years remaining in his final term.Many, if not most, Americans...

State court judge urges support to restore 'tolling' on misdemeanor sentences

...department of corrections forgoing supervision," Slaby said to a panel that included Democratic state Reps. Wayne Howard, Brian Prince and Gloria Frazier; Democratic Sen. Harold Jones and Republican Rep. Barbara Sims.Rep. Earnest Smith and...

Haley names new director of state's troubled Department of Social Services

...Gillum told senators last week."I do think we're turning a corner, and I thank you for that," Sen. Joel Lourie, a Democratic member of the panel, told Gillum after her progress report.GOP Sen. Katrina Shealy, another panelist, this month introduced...

Is 2016 a game-changer?

...are licking their wounds, but that doesn't mean that 2016 won't be a game-changer. The Republican infighting and the Democrat "sycophants" will make it so.(The writer is chairman of the Richmond County Democratic Party.)

A fresh look

...rethink their monolithic loyalty to the Democratic Party.Liberal politicians, Guillory...they? There is no substance to the Democratic Party agenda. There are only empty...African-Americans"; the Georgia Democratic Party's "If you want to prevent another...

Georgia Democrats debate future after '14 losses

...done makes a difference," said Senate Democratic Lead er Steve Henson, D- Tuck er...to win in the future? Definitely." DEMOCRATIC HOPES WERE riding high on Michelle Nunn...Meanwhile, an effort coordinated by the Democratic Party of Georgia focused on building...

Georgia lawmakers offer medical marijuana proposals

...Peake told committee members, after listing the names of children whose parents have lobbied for a medical marijuana law.Democratic state Sen. Curt Thompson separately filed a bill allowing broader use of medical marijuana, including licensing some patients...

Chickens coming home to roost

...Washington publication The Hill: "Passage of the Affordable Care Act marked the start of a political unraveling for the Democratic Party, which lost huge majorities in Congress and control of a majority of state governorships in the last four and a half...

Middle-schooler C.J. Pearson engaging the political process

...those rights that our Founding Fathers have given us, and protected us with a less intrusive, involved government than the Democratic Party."The only child of a Savannah River Site telecommunications specialist and a stay-at-home mom, C.J., whose...

Dems haven't changed

...American people be hanged!Make no mistake. This election was a referendum on this radical president's policies and the Democratic Party! The American people, perhaps slow to react, do not want socialism/communism, nor will they tolerate a king or...