Should America's war on poverty be abandoned and a real war begun?

...through the burgeoning demand for labor, raise incomes of the middle class ? ironically the current focus of the Democratic Party. This is a war that many can support. (The writer is a professor emeritus of financial economics at the University...

Policies are unchanged

...sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the leading candidates to emerge from either party, I tuned in to the first Democratic Party debate of the 2016 campaign. Two of the candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, have been in view of potential...

Dems actually socialists

...Marxist agenda still persists! Since calling themselves "socialists" did not seem favorable, those factions of the Democratic Party started calling themselves "progressives."Strange that candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who...

The royal treatment

...coronation, it appears, will go on as previously scheduled.There are still five debates to go, but it's obvious the Democratic Party has no intention of seriously vetting Clinton if her own rivals for the nomination are willing to immunize her from...

Kemp's Peanut Poll aims to draw candidates

...by the interest and presence we're seeing from candidates on our side," said Michael Smith, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. "But for the GOP, it doesn't really matter who ends up with the most peanuts, or emerges as the...

Looking up at the moral high ground

...should turn their frustrations on the schools, entertainment industry, local and federal governments and the Democratic Party ? all of which, he writes, have let the black community down.Certainly they're much more fitting targets for...

Majority in poll support tax package

...the county, from wealthy business leaders and city contractors who funded pro-sales tax efforts to the county Democratic Party.Party Chairman Lowell Green baum said it was rare for the party to get involved in a sales tax."There's just...

SPLOST would benefit all

...tax on the Nov. 3 ballot is not a new tax! The Richmond County Democratic Party supports it and here is why:We have been paying 1 percent on purchased...fruits of SPLOST 7.(The writer is chairman of the Richmond County Democratic Party.)

Obama dishonored hero

...Obama was naive, but not imbecilic!I do not care one iota if this description of Obama upsets Richmond County Democratic Party Chairman Lowell Greenbaum or those of his ilk. So be it. May they sleep peacefully tonight knowing that the widow...

City government defective

...Marion Williams, Bill Lockett, Bill Fennoy, Grady Smith and the others seem to be tuning in to Richmond County Democratic Party Chairman Lowell Greenbaum and his misguided opinions. Get a clue. The old saying is "Waste not, want not."