Is 2016 a game-changer?

...Democrats are licking their wounds, but that doesn't mean that 2016 won't be a game-changer. The Republican infighting and the Democrat "sycophants" will make it so.(The writer is chairman of the Richmond County Democratic Party.)

Chickens coming home to roost

...Washington publication The Hill: "Passage of the Affordable Care Act marked the start of a political unraveling for the Democratic Party, which lost huge majorities in Congress and control of a majority of state governorships in the last four and a...

Middle-schooler C.J. Pearson engaging the political process

...rights that our Founding Fathers have given us, and protected us with a less intrusive, involved government than the Democratic Party."The only child of a Savannah River Site telecommunications specialist and a stay-at-home mom, C.J...

Georgia Democrats debate future after '14 losses

...moderates and independent voters. Both spent lots of money on TV ads. Meanwhile, an effort coordinated by the Democratic Party of Georgia focused on building a voter outreach and mobilization plan from the ground up after the party languished...

A fresh look

...their monolithic loyalty to the Democratic Party.Liberal politicians, Guillory...There is no substance to the Democratic Party agenda. There are only empty...African-Americans"; the Georgia Democratic Party's "If you want to prevent...

Price spikes for once-cheap generic drugs draw scrutiny from Senate lawmakers

...Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging. Sanders is a political independent who usually votes with the liberal wing of the Democratic party.Sanders introduced a bill that would require generic drugmakers to pay rebates to the federal Medicare and Medicaid...

Dems haven't changed

...people be hanged!Make no mistake. This election was a referendum on this radical president's policies and the Democratic Party! The American people, perhaps slow to react, do not want socialism/communism, nor will they tolerate a king...

Don't compromise, GOP

The 2014 midterms are over and the ink barely dried. Yet, the leftists and their propaganda wing of the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, already are setting the narrative: What is the Republican-controlled Congress going to...

Election had ups, downs

...12th District, went down to defeat.Of course the Richmond County Democratic Party wishes Rick Allen and the other winners good luck in representing...GreenbaumAugusta (The writer is chairman of the Richmond County Democratic Party.)

Voters opposed Obama

...have I read such a distressing response to the results of an election than in the letter sent by the Richmond County Democratic Party chairman ("Election had ups, downs," Nov. 8).As far as the defeats of gubernatorial candidate Jason Carter...