God should guide vote

...United States in 1959, and is considered one of the most liberal states in the country. Liberals have hijacked the Democratic Party, and the majority of U.S. citizens have no clue what to do.I want someone to explain to me how you measure something...

Trump brings fresh air

...country, shredding the Constitution and swiftly turning this nation into a socialistic society in alignment with the Democratic Party's progressive/communist goals!Now along comes some guy who wants to rock the boat! Some clown who thinks just...

Rants & Raves

...make an ISIS cake. What has happen in this nation? I would call it politically correctness made up by the liberal Democratic Party. I will never ever vote for any Democrat again including for dog-catcher. Along with this gay marriage law which...

Aiken County a popular stop for Republican candidates before South Carolina's early primary

...Campaign stops by Democratic candidates remain to be seen. Harold Crawford, the chairman of the Aiken County Democratic Party, said that U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders expressed some interest in visiting the county but that former Secretary...

Test your knowledge of June events in Augusta

...1982. 6. Augusta was paralyzed when this "furious" phenomenon hit town in 1910:A. Raging flood. B. State Democratic Party convention. C. Big fire. D. Hurri cane. 7. Who ordered Augusta to be created in a 1736 order?A. James Oglethorpe...

Ruminates on Democratic party, mayoral race

...public restaurants they could afford, whites left the Democratic Party in droves. Young white Southerners who feel they...the battles of their fathers are returning to the Democratic Party. The young, white, compassionate citizen of Augusta...

Opinion columns
Kirby: Alamanac, library meeting takes me back

...so I looked it up and found he was a onetime West Virginia congressman and foreign diplomat who was also the 1924 Democratic Party candidate for president against Republican Calvin Coolidge.Coolidge won despite losing Richmond County 3,146...

Rants & Raves

...Civil War tax that ended in 1874. The idea of a federal income tax was pushed by both the Progressive Party and the Democratic Party, both of which have been tax-and-spend specialists since the beginnings of the 1900s. Want a fair tax? A federal...

Nothing 'moribund' here

...president. The evidence is that he has done amazingly well over the past seven years. Maybe The Chronicle should look for a less successful target. Moribund he isn't!(The writer is chairman of the Richmond County Democratic Party.)

Across Georgia

Ex-Democratic chief faces fraud chargesATLANTA - Federal prosecutors have accused a former Georgia Democratic Party chairman of defrauding his legal clients out of more than $1.8 million.Michael Berlon, 55, of Grayson, was indicted Tuesday...