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The debate over ID cards intensifies

...Atkinson, vice president of the Progressive Policy Institute, a Washington think tank associated with the Democratic Leadership Council, says that while Americans don't like national identification cards, they also want to make it harder...
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Politicians promise fight over health care reform

...I just see gridlock," said Mr. Kendall, whose Washington think tank is affiliated with the centrist Democratic Leadership Council. "Democrats want to have an issue to take to the voters, and Republicans apparently want to please their...
People in the News as an environmentalist, pushing for new energy sources. The award is given by the Washington-based Democratic Leadership Council. Clinton told a luncheon crowd that before prominent personalities such as Turner raised their voices in...
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Bush and the NAACP

...near an organization that so clearly hates him? Bush would have better luck addressing a convention of the Democratic Leadership Council, the party's more moderate wing. In order to maintain its tax exempt status, the NAACP still poses as...
New Democrats say candidates must reclaim middle ground on issues the conference, co-sponsored by the Democratic Leadership Council and Americans for Gun Safety. Pryor and others...gun laws." Al From, the founder of the Democratic Leadership Council, said Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman has...
Republicans gear up for Hollings seat

...said Will Marshall, the president of the Progressive Policy Institute, the think tank for the moderate Democratic Leadership Council, which helped nurture the rise of former President Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore. Mr. Hollings...
Edwards camp spending in S.C. not see that as flipping on the issue." Edwards will campaign in Charleston on Saturday. He will participate in a discussion about education at the College of Charleston and meet with the South Carolina Democratic Leadership Council.