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Chickens coming home to roost

...handwringing friends in the media get the message?The Democrat Party has been utterly repudiated in the South, certainly...Landrieu and her fellow left-wing autocrats in the Democrat Party are paying the price for all this now, but Americans...
1964 media missed vice presidential candidate Bill Miller's message

...was scheduled to deliver.When Miller approached the battery of mikes and the huge crowd he held out the full page Democrat Party ad in The Augusta Chronicle and spoke off the cuff concerning various points in the ad.Meanwhile, the national TV...
Colleges lack freedom

...churches. The church can no longer advise its members on political issues, nor have speakers come that would give political information; unless of course, it is a black church where representatives from the Democrat Party speak freely.
Biden speaks to USC graduates

...earlier Friday, the South Carolina Republican Party quickly sent out a news release noting the visit's cost to taxpayers."We welcome more Washington liberals visiting to support South Carolina Democrats," party chairman Matt Moore said.
Democrats deceive blacks

Walter Williams' column was exactly right about the reason for the plight of the black population. The Democrat Party has convinced blacks that Republicans are bigots, biased and prejudiced against any race other than Caucasian, which they are...
Rants & Raves

...way. They make North Augusta a great place to be. DOES ONE LOSE all common sense by joining the Democrat Party, or does one join the Democrat Party because he has no common sense to start with? SUPER RAVES FOR Brian Crane, the writer/illustrator...
Obama, then and now

...clear that centralizing power in Washington, and more specifically in the executive branch, and creating a permanent Democrat Party ruling majority is Job 1 with this president. From health care to student loans to the auto industry and more, we...
Rants & Raves

...much more friendlier than the Y in West Augusta and Evans.WE HAVE BEEN lied to. Dr. King would not support the Democrat Party's culture of death ? euthanasia, abortion, entitlement living, and same-sex marriages. Listen to his sermons...
Greenbaum is the real embarrassment

...can be drawn from Lowell Greenbaum's latest tantrum. Mr. Greenbaum is the "Chairperson" of the Richmond County Democrat Party. His reaction recently to an editorial cartoon was reminiscent of outraged Muslims all across Europe and the Arab...
Keep Broun on; he's right about Obama

...he says he wants to have a secret police with a filibuster-proof Congress? No telling what that means in security terms for all Americans -- particularly for those who dissent from Democrats' party line. Richard E. Hogue, Grovetown