Auto workers president rejects lower-tier of wages

...from union members to end a second tier of wages that's about half the $28 per hour made by longtime workers.He told delegates that he heard people talking about the third tier, which would pay less than the $15.28 starting wage for second-tier...

Augusta Democrats needed to fill delegate slots for Georgia Democratic Convention in Dublin

...run for one of five delegate slots at a July 26 party...is designed to select delegates to participate in the...party needs five more delegates and three alternates...an exciting time when delegates meet party candidates...voters seeking one of the delegate or alternate slots should...

Weary delegate readies for race

North Augusta's alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention is coming home tired but ready to work to elect George W. Bush president. Susan Swanson...

Davis pitches 'strong mayor' plan in south Augusta

...Augusta-area legislators hadn't determined a course of action for handling the request Tuesday.While the commission can delegate certain powers Davis has requested be given to the city mayor, such as hiring and firing the administrator and department...

People should check government's power by better preserving liberty

...correct.The Framers of the Constitution created an institutional framework designed to thwart tyranny. After all, when delegates were writing the Constitution in Philadelphia in 1787, the tyranny of British rule was still fresh in their minds. The concern...

Delegation to Cuba hopefully will spur further action on Guantanamo

As I write this, I am planning my next trip to Cuba, where I will visit next month as a delegate for the grassroots social justice movement Code Pink: Women for Peace.I previously visited Cuba when I was assigned as a defense...

The question is why

...radicalism.Much has been made in recent days of the Obama administration's peculiar decision not to send a high-ranking delegate or the president himself ? a decision that prompted news commentator Jake Tapper on CNN, of all places, to say he was embarrassed...

Leadership program offered

...leadership development so delegates model ethical behavior...junior student-leader delegates as well as a faculty member, parent or volunteer delegate for the conference.The...scholarships. Faculty delegates who complete the session...

Chairman details delegate process

...become a Democratic delegate? A: There are two...nonparty leaders to become delegates: 1. Being voted for as a district-level delegate. Party members must...become district-level delegates. A popular vote will...the winner for each delegate seat. 2. Being voted...

Teachers unions send many delegates to convention

...will account for about 400 delegates and alternates, and the American...single NEA member who ran as a delegate is acutely aware of the Christian...say 34 of their members were delegates to this year's GOP convention...one of the biggest blocs of delegates to the Democratic National...