Augusta Democrats needed to fill delegate slots for Georgia Democratic Convention in Dublin

...run for one of five delegate slots at a July 26 party...is designed to select delegates to participate in the...party needs five more delegates and three alternates...an exciting time when delegates meet party candidates...voters seeking one of the delegate or alternate slots should...

Faith on their sleeves: Universalist Unitarian clergy garb as individual as the church

...from the Christian form of congregationalism, Ortiz said.They are still congregational, but its leaders are considered delegates of the people rather than models of Christ, according to the Unitarian Universalist Association Web site."Unitarians and...

Weary delegate readies for race

North Augusta's alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention is coming home tired but ready to work to elect George W. Bush president. Susan Swanson...

Georgia secretary of state promotes 'SEC Primary'

...of America. ... Georgia is the eighth-most populous state in the country, and we have the fourth-largest block of delegates. We need to make sure people here have the opportunity to make their voices heard early on before the race is decided...

Put Jodi Lott in House

...and she searches for solutions.She is a member of Columbia County Chamber Government Affairs Committee, and a 2015 state delegate for the Republican Party. She is pro-life, pro Second Amendment and believes all laws should be made within the Constitution...

Paine College's rich history is a monument to pioneering racial relations

...writer whose 33 novels are said to have sold more copies than all other black writers combined; an alternate United Nations delegate who was also chairman of the board of the NAACP during Brown v. Board of Education, the Montgomery bus boycott, and the...

Minimum wage raised in American Samoa to help Georgia tuna plant

...scheduled increases, and another was set to occur Oct. 1. Isakson negotiated with Aumua Amata, Ameri can Sa moa's nonvoting delegate to the House of Represen ta tives, letting this year's increase take place, but she got it 10 cents lower. Amata sponsored...

Pope speeds up, simplifies process for annulments

...local bishop, in places where the normally required three-judge tribunal isn't available, to be the judge himself or to delegate the handling of the cases to a priest-judge with two assistants.That measure is aimed at providing Catholic couples with...

Paine College's positive reach runs wide, deep in Augusta

...NEA in San Francisco ? the NEA human relations award for promoting human relations and understanding among teachers and delegates. MY STORY ? Dad's legacy ? is not an isolated narrative. Hundreds of stories like it are being enacted daily throughout...

Chairman details delegate process

...become a Democratic delegate? A: There are two...nonparty leaders to become delegates: 1. Being voted for as a district-level delegate. Party members must...become district-level delegates. A popular vote will...the winner for each delegate seat. 2. Being voted...