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...B. McMillan | Thursday, March 4, 2010 Deke Copenhaver First elected in a Dec. 6, 2005, runoff...threatened by urban growth. All articles about Deke Copenhaver Mayor Deke Copenhaver has been invited to speak about the positive...

Deke Copenhaver says goodbye to mayor's job

His nine years in the mayor's seat end today, but Deke Copenhaver said he is not really going anywhere.He's not expecting a state-level appointment, and has no plans to seek another elected...

Augusta officials heap praise on Mayor Deke Copenhaver at Toast & Roast

...Maj. Thomas Clark set the tone for Augusta May or Deke Copenhaver's Toast & Roast when he said, "I don't want to...household during Masters Week late night knows that Deke Copenhaver gives the true definition to pub crawl." AND ALL...

Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver foiled again

Somebody must have a hearing problem. That's one thing I thought after Mayor Deke Copenhaver's called meeting to recommend Taos, N.M., city manager Oscar Rodriguez for city administrator based on assurances from eight...

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...had a back operation, and I was in too much of a ... Saturday, Jan. 17, 2015 Augusta's Boy King Mayor Deke Copenhaver has passed his scepter over to Augusta's King Hardie Davis. I would say Boy King Hardie Davis, but it might be...

Deke Copenhaver is the answer

Augusta has been blessed to have had Deke Copenhaver as our mayor over the past year, and we need...for this positive trend in our city, and it is Deke Copenhaver. Deke Copenhaver is all about results! He has led the Augusta...

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To capitalize on city's assets, we need Deke Copenhaver

Deke Copenhaver must remain our mayor. He is far above his age in the skills needed...through a united show of strength, that we are coming on strong! Deke Copenhaver is our way to the big dream. Dan Cook, Augusta (Editor's note...

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Deke Copenhaver Augusta mayor

Mayor Deke Copenhaver has accepted victory in his re-election campaign.With 71 of 73 precincts reporting, Copenhaver had 64.3 percent. Challengers...

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Mayor Deke Copenhaver thanks community at prayer breakfast

Mayor Deke Copenhaver said on Tuesday that the feel and spirit of a monthly prayer breakfast remains the same despite the name change.The event underwent...

Mayor Deke Copenhaver tired of public fighting over convention center

...Negative publicity is driving the debate over management of the Augusta Con vention Center behind closed doors.Mayor Deke Copenhaver said he was calling off a work session today on the center's management agreements after the Georgia Association of...