A lack of leadership

...target of the Obama administration and mainstream media, deserves an apology.Obama's pledge to cancel a missile defense system promised by Bush has left Europe less secure and America's deterrent less credible. It also has strained relationships...

Green tea company branching out from Georgia Regents University

...instance, it appears to interact with the natural defense system of enzymes already present in the mouth. When that...damage DNA to the cells, which further lowers the defense system in a kind of a "feedback loop," Hsu said. Damaged...

Presidential debate likely to include veterans' issues

...Romney has pledged to increase Navy shipbuilding and add 100,000 active-duty troops, along with bolstering missile defense systems. Iraq and Afghanistan Vete rans of America, a nonpartisan advocacy group, suggests a checklist of items veterans...

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Vote against suspicious missile treaty

...will result in the dismantling of U.S. missile defense systems and will not allow America to deploy or to develop...accordance with Russia's views of what America's defense system should be. President Obama has reiterated to the...

Adkins cites experience in Ga. court contest

...thought of the state Supreme Court's recent decisions grappling with the funding of the state's indigent criminal defense system. "It's not the judiciary's responsibility to find the money," she allowed. "We have a law that says, for...

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UGA researchers tout bacteria discovery

...bacteria) had such a sophisticated immune system," Michael Terns said. The system, called the CRISPR-CAS defense system, targets RNA molecules. Now, they have figured out a way to control the bacteria's immune system to target not...

Pulling punches still hurts

...Mr. Obama have in mind for the nation's missile defense system? And what will he do with that added "flexibility...he is intending to do with regards to our missile defense system, with regards to our military might, with regards...

State seeks control over public defense

...partisan decisions into what should be a judicial function, and they worry it could lower the standards of the indigent defense system and leave the state vulnerable to lawsuits. "If I was standing with my life hanging in the balance, I want the...