GM is fined a record $35 million for not disclosing deadly ignition defect

...disclose an ignition-switch defect in millions of cars that has...automakers to report safety defects to the government within five...from using words such as "defect" or "dangerous" when reporting...took so long to report this defect says there was something very...

Report on Boeing 787 fire points to battery defect

...WASHINGTON - A short circuit likely caused by a manufacturing defect in a Boeing 787 battery sparked a fire last year that grounded...batteries to overheat and ignite if they have a manufacturing defect or if they are damaged, overcharged, or exposed to high temperatures...

Evans parents say GM knew of defect in daughter's car

...say General Motors knew of a defect in her car but took steps to...medical bills.Ignition switch defects are at the center of a congressional...about the safety-related defects in the Saturn Ion, and did...recall or fully remedy the defects or warn users about them...

GM, Toyota recall cars over air bag defects

...Motors is recalling more than 89,000 autos because of air bag defects and other problems.The automaker is recalling 31,520 model...2013 model year Buick Encores because of a passenger air bag defect and 33 model year 2014 Chevrolet Corvettes because a short...

Most moms with birth defects have well-formed babies.

...begin with. When such birth defects do occur, they are often the...mothers had relatively minor defects, such as a clubfoot or a cleft...palate. Females with severe defects often do not make it to adulthood...child in a family had a birth defect, the next baby was 7.6 times...

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About 8 million babies born with birth defects each year

...every year with serious birth defects, many of them dying before...a baby with a serious birth defect, the so-called "background...supplement that fights neural tube defects? Is she vaccinated against...reduces the risk of a birth defect," Christianson said. Among...

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Diabetes linked to birth defects

...the study Wednesday. Birth defects affect one in 33 babies born...co-author, who directs birth defects research at the University...births involving a major birth defect, and compared them to nearly...in 93 percent of the birth defects. About 2 percent of the children...

Brain and spinal birth defects decline dramatically

...with certain spinal and brain defects since the government began...or anencephaly, a lethal defect in which the brain is underdeveloped...what are known as neural tube defects. The number of neural tube defects per 100,000 live births decreased...

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Birth-defect detectives at work

...begins to close and the defect disappears. Researchers...the most common birth defects in humans -- a lack...Dr. Conway said. The defect tends to run in those...at risk of having the defect, Dr. Ganapathy said. "If we can identify defects within the folate transporter...

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Device treats defect

...said. A ventricular septal defect is a hole between the two largest...most common childhood heart defect, accounting for about 29 percent...said. About a third of the defects are considered muscular, farther...wire is threaded through the defect from the left side of the heart...