Grand jury finds Wilkes County deer hunter's fatal wounds were 'self-inflicted'

A deer hunter whose death last year was first ruled a homicide actually died of self-inflicted wounds, a grand jury concluded after a 10-month...

4 arrested after north Georgia deer hunter shot

...deputies arrested four people this week after authorities said they lied about the facts concerning the shooting of a deer hunter the day after Christmas.The four were questioned following the shooting on property off U.S. Highway 29 near Hartwell...

Hunting treasured video game subject

...simulation games like the wildly popular Deer Hunter II are selling hundreds of thousands...computer game in the United States was Deer Hunter II by GT Interactive, one of four...best-sellers. For a brief time, Deer Hunter II displaced heavyweight Windows...

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Bag a moose on your PC

...principal outdoor passion, I pounced on Wizard Works' Deer Hunter like a fox on a field mouse. I needed something to do...bagged a thing. Now, that's hunting. -- -- -- Deer Hunter, Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter, by Wizard Works; both...

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In 'Deer Avenger,' the humans are hunted

...year's top-selling computer entertainment categories. "Deer Hunter" games and their clones sell for $20, half the price...have a pizza" -- to lure "the illusive big-bellied deer hunter" into the sights of your binoculars and scope. Due...

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New video games let you drink beer and blast Bambi

...know firsthand that the PC game "Deer Hunter" is about as close to real deer...its relative lack of action, "Deer Hunter" has quietly sold enough copies...on a wall, they can see why "Deer Hunter" has sold so well. Give up any...

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Residents angered by roadside hunting

...dog, lay dead on Apple Jack Road -- shot by an angry deer hunter who had been ordered off the property. Residents along...at them as they cross the road. It's not that every deer hunter in South Carolina is considered a bad guy, land owners...

Georgia tackles the great bait debate

Imagine a crisp autumn afternoon with the sun lapsing slowly into a distant treeline. A deer hunter, nestled in his stand, is ready. Then a mechanical whirring noise mingles with the tranquil sounds of nature as an electric...

Area man bags record buck

...bagging a huge whitetail deer that few thought existed, except maybe in Gay's imagination. Gay, who's been a deer hunter for 24 years, has been hunting on a lease on a private ranch near Ericson, Neb., owned by Kevin Markt. The latter...

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What Is It?

...Today, it is a valued classic and has been seen in a number of movies over the years. The opening scenes of The Deer Hunter show the future Vietnam veterans driving around in a white 1959 Cadillac. In the movie Ghostbusters, the car used...