Ramblin' Rhodes: Georgia's music history is luring writers to Augusta

...LeVert whose father, George Walton Jr., was territorial governor of Florida and whose grandfather was a Declaration of Independence signer and Augusta judge George Walton.LeVert's father asked her to name the capital and she suggested...

Our rights are eroding

...liberals' final solution: the total disarmament of the American people. Our government has now gone rogue.The Declaration of Independence states, "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a...

Carson campaign backtracks on West Point claim

...people restore a healthy diet.On Wednesday, Carson wrote on his Facebook page that "every signer of the Declaration of Independence had no elected office experience." But about half had experience as elected members of colonial assemblies...

Vote 'no' on SPLOST

...Imperial Theatre. Those are three of our treasures that improve our quality of life.Go back and read the Declaration of Independence, in which the Founding Fathers railed against the king and the aristocracy who were robbing them while building...

The Way We Were: Fire Prevention

...Municipal Building on Greene Street that marks the burial place of two of Georgia's three signers of the Declaration of Independence.It can be seen easily because it is framed by Monument Street, a north-south thoroughfare cut through...

Decide on citizenship

...antithesis of "perpetual allegiance." Our Founding Fathers had renounced their allegiance to England in the Declaration of Independence in 1776. King George III disagreed, and the war for American Independence was fought.It is Congress, comprised...

Kevin Frank De L'Aigle - Timothy John Farrell

...Bernam F. DeLaigle of Augusta, GA. Mr. de l'Aigle is a descendant of George Walton, the signer of the Declaration of Independence who became governor of Georgia and, later, a United States senator. He is also a descendant of Nicolas de...

Georgia signers of Declaration of Independence honored at ceremony

...Georgia's three signers of the Declaration of Independence: Lyman Hall, George Walton...1776, then ratified the Declaration of Independence on July 4."They declared...he declined to sign the Declaration of Independence, thinking it was rushed...

A pledge to ourselves

...year older, may we rededicate ourselves to it, to each other, and to our posterity.The signers of the Declaration of Independence, knowing they risked everything by it, pledged to each other "our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor...

Augusta home of Declaration of Independence signer George Walton to open for tours July 4

For the second year in a row, Meadow Garden, the historic home of Declaration of Inde­pendence signer George Walton, will open its doors on the Fourth of July.