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Reactor to take trip up river

...early as this month. The mothballed reactor's destination is a disposal site in Barnwell, S.C. According to Deborah Ogilvie, a spokeswoman for Chem-Nuclear, which runs the low-level nuclear waste dump in Barnwell, this is the first...
Reactor faces slow trip to Chem Nuclear

...nuclear waste dump at a speed of about 1 mph. "You're just doing things very methodically and prudently," said Deborah Ogilvie, a spokeswoman for Chem Nuclear, which sits less than a mile east of SRS's Barnwell gates. The trailer carrying...
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Nuclear burial site sees fall in business

...facility's management, Chem-Nuclear Systems Inc., sent about $40 million to the state for education, said Deborah Ogilvie, a company spokeswoman. By 2008, it will send less than $10 million. On top of that, legislators have sucked...
Chem-Nuclear wants to ship Nationalist China's radioactive waste

...Manufacturing Sciences Corp. in Oak Ridge, Tenn. "Our role is bringing them over," Chem-Nuclear spokeswoman Deborah Ogilvie said. Manufacturing Sciences will do most processing, but Chem-Nuclear also may do some at Barnwell, she said...
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Budget battle is culminating

...low-level nuclear waste site once it closes. "Our concern has been, yes, the fund needs to be whole," said Deborah Ogilvie, Chem-Nuclear's public information director. "We felt that it would eventually be whole, but actually sooner...
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Sanford upset about fund use

...River and that safer storage methods are needed. The judge isn't expected to issue an opinion for two months, said Deborah Ogilvie, a Chem-Nuclear spokeswoman. Reach Josh Gelinas at (803) 648-1395, ext. 113, or josh.gelinas@augustachronicle...
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Use of nuclear fund might bring big bill

...The site sold about 57,759 cubic feet of space in fiscal year 2001-02, generating about $32.2 million, said Deborah Ogilvie, a spokeswoman for Chem-Nuclear. After the company paid its operating costs, about $25 million was given to...
Facility's revenue falls short

...drop will mean less money for the site's long-term fund, and only about $7 million a year for education, said Deborah Ogilvie, a spokeswoman for Chem Nuclear. Rep. Robert "Skipper" Perry, R-Aiken, sits on the governor's Nuclear Advisory...
Nuclear reactor transfer goes on despite warning

...Health and Environmental Control. The reactor is supposed to arrive at SRS on Friday, said Chem-Nuclear spokeswoman Deborah Ogilvie. She said it will take until Monday to haul the reactor to the burial site, one of only two in the country that...
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