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Schools consider mentor policy "I think mentoring works. We know that from experience throughout the school system," said board member Debbi Brooks, who has been a proponent of a formal mentor program for pupils. "I think it helps get you back into the school and...
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Government revamp

...Columbia County School Board - Wayne Bridges of Martinez who ran unopposed to fill the seat of retiring board member Debbi Brooks and Lee Muns who trounced Diane G. Vizzari. Incumbent trustee Roxanne Whitaker handily won a second term. We applaud...
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Bus incident raises questions

...procedures might need a second look. "Obviously, we have an expectation that students be supervised," board member Debbi Brooks said. Reach Peggy Ussery at (706) 868-1222, Ext. 112.
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Board tables media policy

...feed inside a meeting room while the school board was in session. "There are ways to be discreet," board member Debbi Brooks said. Board members agreed that more discussions with local media are needed, but they said they do not want interviews...
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Board approves new school start times

...To me this change goes against the quality of education Columbia County stands for," Ms. Gross said. Board member Debbi Brooks said the school system should make sure the changes don't negatively affectpupils and adjust the system as needed...
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School safety idea upsets board

...said. "But we're also wanting to not get too heavily into that end of it if we don't have to." Board member Debbi Brooks said she believes the changing relationship with the Sheriff's Office is contrary to what the school board intended...
Penny tax helps build local schools interesting to see if the money's going to be sufficient to cover that," Columbia County school board member Debbi Brooks said. "When you're talking about adding on 70 to 90 new teachers, that's a whole elementary school. That's...
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School officials look to push back school start times

...05 a.m. and middle school pupils start at 8:40 a.m. "Some kids are on the bus at 6 a.m.," board member Debbi Brooks said. "The research is just overwhelming about the brain and about teen-agers starting school later." High school...
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Blasts headline, non-analysis of data

...responsible comments of Connie Davis. Disturbing is the fact that neither the article's author, nor School Board member Debbi Brooks, indicated any attempt to analyze the data, or Board policy factors which may bear on the data. Has The Chronicle...
Safety policy slated for vote by board

...Education office in Appling. A separate vote is expected on use of force and how to arm safety officers. Board member Debbi Brooks originally requested the use of force be a separate vote. "For me, those are two issues," Ms. Brooks said. Ms...
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