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Gourmet herbs are simple way to spice up garden

Culinary herbs are enjoying a revival thanks to new varieties, stronger flavors, health concerns and more discerning palates. Their low cost, attractiveness and easy-to-grow attributes are making them popular, too.
Fastest route to successful gardening? Making a smart purchase

Garden centers, with their vast collections of plant colors, sizes and shapes, can be intimidating to inexperienced buyers. But you can become a discerning purchaser with a little homework and by quizzing the sales people as you shop.
Gardening small? Many fruits grow in containers

Many fruit growers are going to pots. Con­tainers are great for tight spaces, easy to manage, convenient for harvesting and provide better soil than is found in most gardens.
Novice gardeners: Try these bulletproof plants

Gardening is a forgiving pursuit. Get it wrong one year and you can start fresh again the next, wiser, with lessons learned. Study up between planting seasons.
Simple tips can help allergy sufferers keep gardening

Allergies can put a serious crimp in gardening: A runny nose, itchy eyes, or a wheezing and persistent cough can drive allergy sufferers indoors during the growing season.
How early is too early to plant?

Plant too soon and you'll lose your crop to lingering spring frosts. Too late and you'll gamble with winterkill before you can harvest.
How to pick the right mulch

People often confuse compost and mulch, although each fulfills a different function in gardening. Which one you want depends on your needs.
Living Christmas trees can be warm reminders of family holidays past

...continues even into the second year. Regular watering is important until the tree is established." You can contact Dean Fosdick at On the Net: For more on the care and feeding of living Christmas trees: http...
The right way to play chicken in the garden

...want a rooster these days. Too noisy (in a community setting), crowing all hours of the day." You can contact Dean Fosdick at Recommended reading "Living With Chickens: Everything You Need to Know to Raise...
Holiday shopping done? It's seed catalog time

...the USDA's National Agricultural Library Web site:; or tap the Burpee corporate Web site: You can contact Dean Fosdick at deanfosdick(at)