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Group targets 'Jerry Springer - The Opera'

...raised by a charity performance of the show after Christian Voice threatened to protest outside the charity's premises. David Soul, who played Springer in the West End production, accused the religious group of "strong-arm, mob-style tactics...
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...Charlie's Angels. It continues with Starsky & Hutch. Those old enough to actually remember the 1970s will recall that David Soul and Michael Paul Glaser played San Francisco detectives who rode around in a souped-up Grand Torino and got their tips...
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At the Movies: 'Starsky & Hutch'

...who look like male models - or, rather, like male models look today in emulating the style Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul cultivated on the TV series nearly three decades ago, with sunglasses that were too big and jeans that were too small...
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...Actor-dancer-singer Donald O'Connor is 78. Country singer Billy Grammer is 78. Actor Ben Gazzara is 73. Actor David Soul is 60. Actor Daniel Stern is 46. Country singer Shania Twain is 38. Actor-singer Jack Black is 34. Singer-bassist...
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Rob Lowe scuffs up for 'Salem's Lot' put up to keep out not just sheep but kangaroos. The book previously was adapted as a TV movie in 1979, starring David Soul and James Mason. This time, Lowe's co-stars include Donald Sutherland, Andre Braugher, Rutger Hauer and Samantha...
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...on-screen partner, he had only one guy in mind: Owen Wilson as Ken "Hutch" Hutchinson, the role originally played by David Soul. The two have starred in five previous films, including the off-kilter buddy flick "Zoolander." It made sense...
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New home-video releases

...snitch and a hard-nosed boss. Sounds suspiciously like the new Ben Stiller-Owen Wilson movie. Paul Michael Glaser, David Soul and one of the coolest cars in TV history star in the 1970s series that spawned the big-screen version debuting this...
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Hollywood offers wave of flicks from '70s TV

...Wilson as the buddy detectives (and Snoop Dogg as their street-smart snitch, Huggy Bear). Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul originated the title roles on television. "I think you get far enough away from something, and you can go back and...