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Silver-coated heart valves recalled

...Those patients should not panic when they hear of the recall, Food and Drug Administration medical device chief Dr. David Feigal said. "The majority of patients who have these valves did not have this complication," he said. The leaks seem...
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FDA rejects bid to return silicone gel breast implants to market

...convinced that there are women who have these products and get a very satisfactory result," FDA medical device chief Dr. David Feigal told The Associated Press. "The point isn't to talk about how many have a good result and how many have a rupture...
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Consumer group calls for clot-buster recall's safe, Wolfe wrote. "We are comfortable with our approach," responded FDA biological products expert Dr. David Feigal. Abbott and BioWhittaker apparently followed certain safety standards deemed proper when the drug was first approved...
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Campaign underway against IV bags made of PVC

...plastic harms patients. Every product has trace contamination of some chemical, added FDA blood safety expert Dr. David Feigal. "We need to make sure we don't rush to an alternative that would not be as safe as this." PVC, or polyvinyl...
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