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Refinancing wave expected

...week and a 1997 peak of 8.18 percent last April. "This is outstanding news for people who have mortgages," said David Berson, chief economist at Fannie Mae, which also resells bundled home mortgages. Rates on 30-year fixed mortgages have...
How Fed cut will affect mortgages

...Reserve would have to cut rates one more time, they say. "The market was expecting the Fed to cut rates," says David Berson, chief economist for Fannie Mae, the No. 1 U.S. mortgage financier. "All this does is help validate the drop...
Federal Reserve to assess blurry picture of economy

...Despite some clear signs of a strengthening economy, the state of mortgage rates confuse some of this confidence. David Berson, chief economist at Nationwide Financial, noted that rising mortgage rates typically coincide with a strengthening...
Discovery of eye cell sheds light on biological clock

...seem to be specialized to encode the amount of light energy entering the eye, and pretty much that's it," said David Berson, a physiologist at Brown University and a lead author of one of Friday's reports. Despite 150 years of close study...
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Business briefs: City block captains recruited

...June by 6.1 percent, the biggest gain in seven months. "The housing market is extremely strong," said economist David Berson of Fannie Mae, formerly known as the Federal National Mortgage Association. "It's being pushed by an almost ideal...
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