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Don't compromise, GOP

It's time to play for keeps - just like the Democrats do.
"Diversity" harms U.S.

Where does this agenda take all of us? I know. Do you?
Founders saw this coming

Mr. Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid must be reminded that they are not monarchs.
Suggestion went over the county line

...problems can be summed up in one word: liberalism. Decades of failed economic, social and educational policies that have hurt, not helped the generational welfare residents, as you call them. No, thanks. Capt. David B. Caudle Grovetown
Evidence of treason? Let's see it

Upon first reading Capt. David B. Caudle's letter calling Lowell Greenbaum a traitor ("Is there a traitor moving among us?" July 28), I was surprised The Chronicle...
There's treason, and there's free speech

...who opposes the war or the current administration. Nonetheless, it was surprising to read the headline to Capt. David B. Caudle's letter ("Is there a traitor moving among us?" July 28), and to read the letter itself. Treason is a serious...
U.S. attorney general is incompetent

...and 2004. Whether it's on this issue or our borders, the North American Union or the sickening pandering to Mexico's president, President Bush has done his part to ruin the Republican Party and America. David B. Caudle, Grovetown
Enough talk; let's get the job done

...Greenbaum, Tim Robbins, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon and Jane "Jihad" Fonda and the 100,000 hippie throwbacks who don't get it. They want to talk, chat and start a dialogue. Well, I'm tired of talking. David B. Caudle, Grovetown
Put Katrina blame where it belongs

...decades, a virtual beacon to the world in its shinning example of liberalism. The left-leaning of the liberal media is blatant, deceptive and without truth. Okay, I get it. So will you - right in the wallet. David B. Caudle, Grovetown
Liberal cherry-picking strikes again

...liberals are losing. The spectacle the Democrats made out of themselves in the Alito hearings was disgusting and very telling if you were paying attention. Isaacs' op-ed piece is another example of this. ... David B. Caudle, Grovetown