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New computer virus crops up

...than its predecessor, experts said Thursday. Computers at several large companies were infected late Thursday, said Dave Perry, spokesman at anti-virus software company Trend Micro Inc., in Cupertino, Calif. One company had all of its 5...
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Antivirus industry steamed over virus article, college class

...secret or spread the knowledge so problems can be remedied faster? The antivirus industry is squarely in the first camp. Dave Perry, director of education at Trend Micro Inc., considers the article in this week's Wired detailing the Slammer worm...
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Big Ten to experiment with instant replay

...unanimously in favor of using replay in games, while athletic directors were split. A study by Big Ten head of officiating Dave Perry determined that about 15-to-20 calls would have been overturned in 76 games last year if the conference had the NFL...
Odds and Ends for the roundabout near the marina. "Nudity begets controversy, and controversy is the issue here," said Mayor Dave Perry. "We don't need the controversy, we just need some public art the majority of the community can buy into." The...
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Video games are now attracting top Hollywood talent

LOS ANGELES -- It was virtually "Game Over" from the start for designer Dave Perry's video game version of "The Terminator." Neither Arnold Schwarzenegger nor co-star Linda Hamilton would allow him to use...
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