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Maryland's win more than just a championship

...depth of Monday night's 64-52 victory over Indiana at the Georgia Dome. Better than anyone else in the room, Dave Dickerson appreciated where Maryland was at that particular moment. He appreciated it because he knew first-hand where Maryland...
Scott Michaux
Hampton's upset forces new travel plans

...there." Driesell only stayed long enough to wish the Terrapins luck and talk with assistant coaches Billy Hahn and Dave Dickerson, who played for Driesell at Maryland. While most of the current Terps were barely walking when Driesell left Maryland...
College basketball
States cracking down on wine sales by mail

...and say, `Deliver it to me at 3 o'clock Tuesday when my dad's not going to be home,"' Amoroso said. But Dave Dickerson of the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America said many who back felony laws do so out of principle. He pointed...
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