Election Day chat with Dave Barbee

1 p.m. -- Dave Barbee is former chairman of the Richmond County Republican Party. #liveChatUsername0...FFFFFF; } Mike Wynn: I want to welcome our 1 p.m. guest, Dave Barbee, District 10 chairman of the Georgia Republican Party and former...

Live chat: Lowell Greenbaum and Dave Barbee

...wynn: Welcome again to our live chat featuring Democratic and Republican rivals and friends, Lowell Greenbaum and Dave Barbee, respectively. Dr. Greenbaum is chairman of the Richmond County Democratic Party and Mr. Barbee is 10th District...

Dedications, renovations are easier said than done

...table and a gavel in my hand." THE CAT IN THE HAT KNOWS A LOT ABOUT THAT: Richmond County Republican Party Chairman Dave Barbee was so elated over the Republican wave in the midterm elections, especially Rick Allen's win over Democratic U...

Inaccurate e-mail inflames racial tensions throughout city

...editions did not correctly state Dave Barbee's current political party status...housing authority board member Dave Barbee's "making the downtown whiter...Augusta The e-mail The full text of Dave Barbee's e-mail to developers on Aug...

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Barbee treated shabbily over e-mail

I read Dave Barbee's e-mail (as published in Sylvia...fact. If anything, it sounds like Dave Barbee is trying to keep the number of blacks...let it begin with me. I do not know Dave Barbee, but I fail to see anything racist...

Solutions absent in Barbee episode

The recent episode with Dave Barbee that culminated with his resignation from the Augusta Housing...to see any solutions in the explanations that were offered by Dave Barbee. In his discourse, he seemed to be more interested in political...

Fight over e-mail grows

...County legislators condemned Augusta Housing Authority Dave Barbee's e-mail to two developers about the political ramifications...823-3228 or sylvia.cooper@augustachronicle.com. DAVE BARBEE: "I'm the one that wrote the e-mail, and I'm...

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Officials won't let Barbee's e-mail die

Dissatisfied with the resignation of Dave Barbee from the Augusta Housing Authority, city Commissioners...representation. The Augusta Housing Authority is the client, not Dave Barbee. Barbee did not communicate or provide me, or any member...

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E-mail prompts call to quit

...private e-mail from Augusta Housing Authority member Dave Barbee to two Augusta developers about the political ramifications...persons with this type of mentality to destroy our city. "Dave Barbee and any other Augusta Housing Authority Board member...

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Development e-mails stir trouble in Augusta

...e-mail Augusta Housing Authority Dave Barbee sent to developers Clay and Braye...said. "I am extremely sad for Dave Barbee because he has not done anything...e-mail Read the full text of Dave Barbee's e-mail to developers Clay...

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