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Notes irony in Clinton speech

...assassinating suspected terrorists (The Chronicle, Sept. 4)," will there be special considerations made for abortionists? They both produce terror upon the unsuspecting. Quite the Pandora's Box, wouldn't you say? Danny Himsey, Aiken
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Party failed conservatives

This is why Mitt Romney lost, despite what the pundits say within my own party.
Force stems a will to kill

God help us when liberal bleeding-hearts start thinking for the rest of us!
Don't rush -- get the facts

Why not learn from past failures and do the study first?
Kerry's October surprise failed

...for the man so clouds their judgment for truth that they've now become less than pond scum themselves. What a vicious circle of justice. The rest of us will just sit back and see you all self-destruct. Danny Himsey, Aiken, S.C.
Look to Kennedy before blaming Cheney be nothing less than murder. Dick Cheney is being crucified by the liberals for acting responsibly! Hmmm. Like Rush Limbaugh said: I'd rather be hunting with Dick Cheney than riding with Ted Kennedy! Danny Himsey, Aiken, S.C.
That's the way it is: 403-3 says it all

Hmmm. So 403 members of Congress in favor of staying the course in Iraq; three in favor of pulling out. The people speak. So be it. Danny Himsey, Aiken, S.C.
America need to get back to God

...blessing God. ... Think about it. It is this generation, the generation that knows not God, that is producing the reasons we mourn so bitterly. And, it'll keep getting worse unless God becomes - more! Danny Himsey, Aiken, S.C.
Who's attempting to 'rub out God'? rub out God in a slick move no one was notified about. Usually, there is hoopla about a new coin hitting the market. Not this time - secrecy, and with good reason. This tactic is mean and mendacious. Danny Himsey, Aiken, S.C.
Applauds student-led prayer rise up and seek to reinstate God back into every facet of your lives, God will not only depart, but He'll turn his back on us. Stay the course, take the baton, and run with God all the way to the end zone. Danny Himsey, Aiken