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Experts work on gel for wounded troops

...across it, and it wouldn't remove it," Mr. Gooch said. Experts say such protection is important in preventing dangerous infections, especially in combat conditions where mud, dirt and sand could easily get into a wound. "Prevention of infection...
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Gift of life

...would need a transplant, so they began a series of operations. The weakened kidney, the source of constant and dangerous infections, had to be removed. The bladder hole was changed to keep the urine from leaking out, and Daniel went on dialysis...
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Intensive therapy

...Dr. Jillella said. The less time patients spend with a depressed immune system, the less danger of developing dangerous infections, Dr. Jillella said. "Every day that your immune system is so low, every day is not a day, it's a big hurdle...
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Animal lovers deserve the truth on GRU dental implant testing

...HSUS attempted to discredit research into a new antimicrobial coating for dental implants that could help prevent dangerous infections in the gums and bones of the mouth. While we were not directly involved in the research, we are nonetheless familiar...
Surge in flu found among young pregnant women

...Any type of infection can lead to pre-term labor," Sheffield said, adding that the flu can progress to more dangerous infections such as pneumonia or meningitis. While flu shots are encouraged for everyone, women in their second and third...
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Don't take Cipro unless you need it

...warning that inappropriate use of a potent antibiotic to guard against anthrax could wind up exposing Americans to dangerous infections of drug-resistant bacteria. Faced with growing concern of terrorist attacks, health experts began issuing new...
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Studies: Flu is common and often dangerous

Two large studies show the flu is a surprisingly common and often dangerous infection in children, and researchers say routine flu shots should be considered for youngsters. The studies found few deaths but lots...
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