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Gnarls Barkley keeps it true and real, in costume

...It's an appropriate catch phrase for hip-hop gospel troupe Gnarls Barkley: the unlikely pairing of DJ and producer Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) and Green (real name Thomas Calloway). While the two perform in various costumes (they also prefer...
Complete list of Grammy Award nominations

...Jason Mraz); "Rock Swings," Al Schmitt, engineer (Paul Anka). 91. Producer of the Year, Non-Classical: Danger Mouse, Nigel Godrich, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Steve Lillywhite, The Neptunes. 92. Remixed Recording, Non-Classical...
Take my songs - please, says David Bowie

...technique gained prominence with "The Gray Album," a blend of The Beatles and Jay-Z by an American DJ known as Danger Mouse. A reported 1 million copies were downloaded from the Internet before it was blocked by record company EMI in February...
No guarantees, but anticipation

...private eyes, mysterious molls and criminal conspiracies and I, for one, am ready to rock the virtual fedora.U2 MEETS DANGER MOUSE: While little has been released about this mysterious project, I love the idea of one of rock's more iconic acts...
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Producer Scott Storch mad over Grammy snub

...prize. Not that Storch has anything against producers who did get nominated: veterans Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Danger Mouse (who worked on the hit Gorillaz album), The Neptunes (featuring the ubiquitous Pharrell Williams), Nigel Godrich...
Eclectic mix found in 2005

...venues. A great rediscovered treasure. DANGER DOOM - THE MOUSE & THE MASK: A collaboration between hip-hop artists Danger Mouse and MF Doom, this album of tracks inspired by, I kid you not, the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup, actually...
Top ten albums of the year

...first note and refuses to be ignored. But you've got to hear it first. 9. "The Grey Album," Danger Mouse, Jay-Z and The Beatles: Danger Mouse must be kicking himself right about now: The DJ/producer cleverly mixes the lyrics from Jay-Z's...
The week ahead

No man's law can get in the way of art, so sayeth the hip hop producer known as Danger Mouse. Still, he had to expect some stop signs when he dropped Jay-Z's Black Album and the Beatles' White Album into a musical...